Sydney – London Classic Marathon to pass through SA before Easter

Sydney-London_Prep 1423The Sydney – London Classic Marathon is passing through South Australia over the next few days, so to prepare Any Given Reason went and had a look at what is sure to be one of the front running contenders – the Datsun 260Z of Geoff Olholm and John Doble.

Note – keep reading for leg maps and stage times for the South Australian stages

Sydney-London_Prep 1414Longtime Any Given Reason readers will be familiar with Olholm and his Coconut Car Racing Team – AGR checked out the Rally Raid Desert Warrior he used in the 2011 Dakar Rally, and followed his 2013 Dakar Rally campaign where he was first privateer and 11th outright in an Overdrive built V8 Hilux.

Sydney-London_Prep 1430Like all of Olholm’s cars, the 260Z has been prepared for the rally in the Adelaide workshop of Garry Kirk. It looks like your regular gravel rally Z-car, but with a few minor additions for both strength and reliability.

Sydney-London_Prep 1426The 260Z isn’t new to the world of marathon rallies, having been previously used in the 2009 East African Safari Classic Rally. It has received a complete teardown rebuild since then, and is in stunning shape. Continue reading

The Adelaide Motorsport Festival is here!

AMF_Scruit 1400Any Given Reason has just returned from pre-event scruitineering at City Holden for this weekend’s Adelaide Motorsport Festival, and if the small snapshot of cars present at that time is anything to go by we’re in for quite the treat.

AMF_Scruit 1399This coming Saturday I will step out from behind the camera and put the helmet on, competing in the Windy Point Hillcimb in our Alfa Romeo Sprint. Friend of Any Given Reason Luke Jaksa will take the lens on Saturday, capturing the spirit of this first-time hillclimb for AGR. My father will be behind the wheel of the Alfa for Sunday’s Victoria Park Sprint, while I will be relegated to the sidelines behind the camera once again. But there will be Formula One cars roaring around the Victoria Park circuit as well as hundreds of other fine machines, so it’s hardly a tough job.

AMF_Scruit 1404Spectating is going to be pretty tricky up at Windy Point on Saturday, and my advice is to get there early to get a good spot at the lookout. You could try your luck trekking through the bushland but I understand they will be very hot on keeping people away for safety reasons, so be prepared to be turned back if this is your plan.

AMF_Scruit 1403All the information you need including timings, entry lists (Formula One cars woooo!) and maps can be found at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival website.

AMF_Scruit 1402See you there!

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

Mount Alma Mile Hillclimb 2014

MtAlma2014 1276Kevin Mackrell has thundered his way to another consecutive 4WD outright victory in the Mount Alma Mile hillclimb, held recently at Inman Valley on the scenic Fleurieu Peninsula. Behind the wheel of his all-conquering V8 powered Datsun 260Z, Mackrell held a firm grip on the two-day event, overcoming a five second penalty to take the win.

MtAlma2014 1277The 2WD category was won by Clinton Faustmann in the REVS/Faustune prepared FD RX7, who wrangled the flame spitting rotor up the hill slightly quicker than Jason Unkovich, who claimed third outright 2WD in the same car.

MtAlma2014 1320The big battle all weekend was between Mackrell and the Supaloc Racing Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera of Kevin Weeks, now sporting a fresh twin turbo setup. Weeks was still a fraction off Mackrell’s times, but the noise of the forced induction Italian V10 outclassed the 260Z in every way. It was spine tingling and worth coming just to listen to it alone. Continue reading

A visit to Sportscar Workshops – Richmond, Virginia

SCW_Richmond 1266What exactly is a sports car? The definition varies widely and stretches ever further these days, and can possibly have a number of meanings. Is it a car built specifically for sporting endeavors? One adapted for sporting endeavors? Or should the definition be expanded to include any car used for sporting endeavors?

SCW_Richmond 1267The definition doesn’t really matter; what does is the passion of the people that own and work on them. Some may argue that a BMW E30 isn’t a true sports car by definition, but who cares. The term sports car and what it conjures in the mind is more tied up in romanticism, enthusiasm and a certain degree of escapism than anything else, and it is those three things you’ll find in spades at Sportscar Workshops in Richmond, Virginia. That, combined with solid experience and a huge assortment of just about every type of sports car you can think of from all corners of the globe.

SCW_Richmond 1288Our story actually starts with a 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV6 in New York City. Continue reading

Moving on to bigger and better things…

MartiniRacing 1261There’s going to be a few changes happening around Any Given Reason over the next few weeks. We’ve mooted for a while now that it’s maybe time to step it up a level, and right now is the time we turn talk into action. You won’t notice much from the front end for the time being but a lot will be changing behind the scenes, and as a result Any Given Reason might be down for a few days. But stick with us, and trust that AGR will be back as soon as possible, better than ever.


AGR Readers’ Rides – Show us your wheels!

ReadersRides 1261It had to happen, didn’t it? But that’s okay, because people who read blogs like Any Given Reason tend to drive the kinds of cars that feature prominently on Any Given Reason, which means that all of you reading this right now are probably keen to see what everyone else drives, right? Right. Well get to it then!

Email the best photo of your car to along with your name and a single sentence best describing your pride and joy before next Wednesday April 2, and we’ll get them online in a post in the near future!


Adelaide Motorsport Festival Windy Point Hillclimb – Coming Soon

Windy Point Media Shoot 1254There seems to be something of a renaissance in the grassroots sport of hillclimbing of late, with existing events like Mount Alma and Legend of the Lakes enjoying great popularity and several new events coming on board. The latest of these is the Windy Point Hillclimb, to be held on Saturday April 12 as part of the upcoming Adelaide Motorsport Festival

Windy Point Media Shoot 1252Any Given Reason recently had a small preview of the event, attending an Advertiser photoshoot with two cars set to race up the hill – two cars that couldn’t be more different yet will likely achieve a similar goal. The Willall Pilatus R35 GTR is a seriously impressive looking animal in the flesh, its bare carbon bodywork and aero aids fighting for attention. It has the power to back it up too, running the famous AMS Alpha 12 engine package with a bespoke Willall Racing gearbox and a long list of supporting modifications. With Sebastian Lip behind the wheel it will be one to watch up the hill, fighting for an outright victory no doubt.

Windy Point Media Shoot 1256Rene Felkl’s Volkswagen Beetle doesn’t fight for your attention so much, rather it lulls you into a false sense of trust with its sheer cuteness. It isn’t until you start looking a little closer that you notice the details and begin to wonder just how serious this car is; and in his friendly, smiling ways Rene ducks around your questions without actually giving away his secrets. Then he casually drops into conversation that he managed sixth outright at Legend of the Lakes, and you become slightly confused as to what exactly is going on here. This little Beetle will certainly be one to watch.

Windy Point Media Shoot 1253The first Windy Point Hillclimb looks set to be hugely popular. Entries are already full, and if you’re planning on spectating make sure you get there early to secure a good spot. Any Given Reason will be competing down the back of the field in the little Alfa Romeo, so see you there!

More information including the entry list can be found here.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles