Rundle Street Adelaide – BMW E30 M3

Iconic is a term used far more often than required, a crime of contemporary culture where anything above average is bandied as somehow legendary. But occasionally something comes along (or happens to drive past) that is truly an icon. And in the automotive world there are few true icons, but without…

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Mallala_prac (5)

Quick stop: Mallala open practice day 26/09/15

Two friends were trying out new Porsche’s at the Mallala open practice day this Saturday just gone, so AGR joined seemingly hundreds of others and went out for a sunny spring track day to man the stop-watches and tools. The bright sun made for challenging photographic conditions and caused the…

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Aerodrome_911 (15)

Aldinga Aerodrome – a well used 911

It was a wet, cold and blustery Sunday morning at Aldinga Aerodrome a few weeks back, and whilst the dicey weather kept the usually busy runway empty of visiting aeroplanes, there was something arguably more interesting parked up in the car park. With the skyrocketing value of early Porsche 911’s,…

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Driven – the new Mazda ND MX-5

The best successes are often the biggest surprises. Coke, Penicillin, The Monkees. One could argue that unexpectedness is key to their brilliance, and that if their creators had been intentionally trying to make a global impact they might have missed the mark. Too many focus groups and you end up…

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The new kid from Stuttgart – AMG GT S

Mercedes and its acquired AMG sub-brand have always been somewhat of a juxtaposition for me. I respect their cars immensely; I find most of their designs tastefully understated and a few years ago I even bought an old W126 just to revel in its immense build quality for a little…

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Adelaide welcomes the Ferrari 488 GTB

What you’re looking at here is arguably the most significant Ferrari to be launched in the last twenty-five years – the 488 GTB. It’s the next generation of mid-engined V8 super sports car from Ferrari, the latest progeny of the wildly popular, eminently marketable and unbroken line that began with…

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An American in Adelaide – the Mustang takes over

We’re a largely hypocritical mob, us Australian domiciled foreign car nerds. For most of my life I’ve never glanced twice at our local product (‘why can’t we build cars like the Germans/Italians/Japanese do etc etc’), but as soon as a funeral date is announced for our automotive industry we get…

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Fiat Nationals 2015

It’s a double edged sword, this amateur automotive and motorsport photography thing. You’re involved because of a love for cars, but the only true way to solidly practice the craft of photography is to observe from the outside and document proceedings as you observe them. It’s challenging to both be…

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Willall Pilatus Mount Alma Mile 2015

Chaos Theory – ‘the branch of mathematics that deals with complex systems whose behaviour is highly sensitive to slight changes in conditions, so that small alterations can give rise to strikingly great consequences’. A seemingly unrelated tangent when discussing the recent Mount Alma Mile hillclimb, but stay with me for…

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