Delivering an AMG E55 Estate to its proud new owner

I’m thinking of starting a business – the Any Given Reason Interesting Automobile Relocation Service. AGRIARS, for short, would be a last-minute method of transporting fast cars around the country without having the hassle of booking a truck. It’s a simple concept – put me on a plane and I’ll…

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Coffee & Cars Blackwood – October

A man driving a forties era Dodge special slowly passes through the assembled group. The old race car, wearing a bold number 80 and a South Australian crest on its flanks, is clearly juxtaposed by the more modern sports and muscle cars surrounding it yet it doesn’t seem entirely out…

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The perfect iCar for Sunday morning runs

Liveries. One look at a certain combination of colors and brands and we’re instantly transported to a time and place we might never have been. Type ‘Apple Car’ into your Google and you’ll undoubtedly be drowned in rumors of an upcoming iCar or something called ‘Project Titan’, but for true…

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A Sunday Safari – the morning drive

Enough with the extended winter already! Sure, we’ll be counting our blessings when it’s still green and lush deep into the start of summer, but by October we should be enjoying crisp mornings and warming sun instead of sideways rain and flooding. I love a good rainstorm, but here’s to…

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AGR_Porsche (14)

This Porsche 914-6 lives in a pedal-powered world

As a longtime purveyor of slightly odd looking, boxy, mid-engined European sports cars, the Porsche 914 has always held a special place in my interests. I’ve long considered it a big brother to my Fiat X1/9 (surely the first person to ever regard a 914 as a big brother to…

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Lightforce Rally SA 2016

The forest racers were back in our city last weekend, with the top Australian crews returning once again to the gravel roads of the Barossa and Mount Crawford Forest areas to do battle in round four of the Australian Rally Championship – Lightforce Rally SA. Claiming outright victory in another…

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