Airport rental car holding yard – Honda NSX

So there I was, sitting at my desk at my day job, gazing out the window. I can just make out the holding yard for a car rental company, which is where my eye caught something red. Is that a Honda NSX? No, it couldn’t be…

Further inspection was needed, so I keenly waited for the lunch break and ran over with the camera for a closer look. It sure was, an early model NSX. It looked a little used around the edges, but it was kind of nice to see a supercar in this condition for once. I’m not sure what the wheels are, my money is on some kind of Compomotive, but they certainly worked well with the car. I think this kind of stance, maybe a touch lower, is perfect – low and functional. Track inspired.

Ever since experiencing Honda’s offerings in a few mate’s Vtec powered Integras and Preludes, I have a newfound respect for the NSX. I’d previously written it off as boring Japanese, but I think I was wrong. From what I read they are quite the entertaining drive. I’d love the chance to find out.

The NSX is one of the most significant supercars in my opinion. It is the reason we now have cars like the Ferrari California, supercars that can really be enjoyed.

With the possible exception of Porsche, up until the 80’s you either had a practical, reliable car or you had a supercar. Things like the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari Testarossa were quite terrible – they overheated, they were sometimes unreliable, had zero rear vision, had zero luggage space and gave you back problems if you spent more than a half hour behind the wheel. It was just a given that if you wanted to drive a supercar, you put up with these shortcomings.

The NSX was the first real car to challenge this notion. It had the speed of the Ferrari (well, almost) but it was packaged into a car that could actually be used – it was comfortable, reliable and almost practical. It redefined what a supercar was, and forced the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini to change the type of cars they made. It was the only way they could compete.

These days you sit in traffic in your new Ferrari 458 in summer with the air con on and don’t even consider the fact that it might overheat. You have the NSX to thank for that.


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