Bay to Birdwood 2011

A crisp, sunny spring morning, sports cars and the Adelaide Hills. What more could you ask of a lazy Sunday? Here’s a couple of my snaps from the Bay to Birdwood.

Yea, they’re kinda crap as a sports car. But as an easy cruiser? Perfect.

It wasn’t just Peter Brock who cashed in and put his name to sub-par econo boxes (Lada Samara cough..), no the venerable Sir Jack Brabham did the same. Behold – the Brabham Torana! I don’t know much about them (it is a Torana after all), but I peered under the bonnet and found a tiny looking 4 cylinder engine, skinny narrow wheels and special edition badging.

124 AC in mint condition, a rare sight.

This Porsche Speedster rounded out the trio. 356 Speedster in the morning, this Speedster at lunch and then I spotted a new Boxster Speedster at Chateau later on in the day. Would have been cool to get them all together.

I saw this Corona at a drift meet a few months ago. Drifting doesn’t really do it for me, but big ups nonetheless to anyone with the balls to drive something like this through an event crawling with as many cops as this one.

It’s slightly out of focus, but I thought it was such a cool moment it warranted posting anyway.

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