Classic Targa Adelaide – A successful day one

Day one, and the first proper day of Classic Targa Adelaide is done and dusted. We had a really good run with no mechanical issues, and even got into the swing of things by the end of the day. We started off with a nice ease into the event courtesy of the Upper Hermitage stage, and then continued next with Anstey’s Hill. Chain of ponds is a fantastic piece of road, however I unfortunately fell off the notes for a few corners on that stage. Back on the notes with a quick blast through the Gumeracha stage, before tackling Kersbrook – another fast stage with big, long, sweeping bends. Heading up Checker Hill tested the little 1800cc Fiat, and we discovered it’s VMax of 180kmh across the finish line. After the lunch stop for a quick sanga on the Gumeracha oval, we tackled the famous Stafford Ridge stage, racing down through the Fox Creek area.

The absolute highlight of the day was the Castambul stage – 17km’s worth that started at the top of Gorge Road, ran all the way down before turning up Corkscrew road, and then turning right down Montacute road. We were pushing hard and everything just worked – the car, the notes, the driving. It felt brilliant. We overtook a big Healey around the inside of a 5 right on Gorge Road, and managed to stay away from the 911 RSR that started 30secs behind us.

We were running around 17 to 23rd outright in stage times throughout the day, and finished up Leg One running 6th outright in Late Classic out of 49 competitors. So now it’s all about forgetting the results and stage times, and keeping it on the black stuff tomorrow!

Thanks to my father who took all of the action shots at Chain of Ponds you see. I would love to have been out with the camera, but sitting in the co-drivers seat is just a little more exciting!

I have a soft spot for early 911’s, and this 1968 912 is no exception. Sure, it’s only powered by the 4 but just look at it! It’s beautiful!

Regardless of opinions, you can’t deny that the Supaloc Gallardo is an incredible machine. The sound is like nothing else I’ve heard.

We’re also crewing for Steve Schmidt who is over from Melbourne in our sister car, his 1968 Fiat 124 AC.

David had a good run in his recently completed 205 GTI. Last time I saw this car just a week before the event it was uncompleted and David hadn’t yet driven it for several years. Not to jinx it, but it’s going well.

We passed this cute little Steyer Puch (a period modified Fiat 500) on Kersbrook with a pretty huge speed difference. It’s almost a Fiat, so we gave him a thumbs up as we sped by.

Us heading past one of the ‘ponds’ at Chain of Ponds.

Found on the side of the road… I’m fair sure it’s not David’s.

Sure, this thing started just 30sec behind us down Castambul and didn’t manage to catch our 1800cc Fiat, but who cares? Just look at it! The rear is so wide, definitely RWB rivalling.

Love it or hate it, this is probably one of the best tarmac rally 911 Carrera RS’ you’ll see.

According to the official website there were no retirements today. I didn’t hear of anything either, this must be an actual first for a tarmac rally. No mechanical problems and no accidents. From what I’m aware of, this minor mark on Tony Quinn’s R32 GTR is as bad as it got.

Racecars on the road? Cool.

Team Fiat at the end of a hard day. We changed the diff oil during service as a precaution. The clunking noise from the diff is pretty loud, it’s always done it because the clutch plates in the Bacci Romano LSD are very tight. It seemed excessively loud transporting from the last stage, so out came the oil and in went a different type.

E.T Close door, then phone home.

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