Classic Targa Adelaide – at the end of day zero

Day zero of Classic Targa Adelaide is done and dusted after the first two prologue stages. The first prologue was a flat out blast around the back streets of Tanunda. It was over before it began, and I was concentrating so hard on the notes that I don’t really remember a hell of a lot of it. I do remember looking up as we were flat in fourth going down a narrow suburban street and feeling a little weird, like we were doing something horribly illegal.

The second prologue stage was the cannonball run that is Menglers Hill. You reach the top of the hill in the first kilometre, and from there on it’s just a flat out run across the ridge through a series of 8 and 9 rated corners and a few crests. We were flat in 5th for most of it, probably cruising somewhere around 190ish km/h. We don’t have any official results yet, and although the prologue doesn’t count for anything we are fairly happy with how we did – around mid field according to tomorrows starting order.

My main task today was co-driving, not taking photos. However, I managed the odd cheeky shot here and there. Enjoy!

Does this livery seem familiar to anyone?

Animal print? Black, white and green diagonal stripes across the car?

Possibly influenced by a certain Matt Powers? Ah well, it looks good and half of the people at a classic rally event probably wouldn’t pick it anyway.

From here it was a quick trip to Eurosport Automotive for our daily service/check. Apart from a window winder handle that came off, there were no problems with the car so this check was purely precautionary. We had a good look over everything, and the little Fiat is all set for Day 1 tomorrow.



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