Echunga – 5 blank canvas Escorts

These Escorts are just sitting in some farmers rickety shed out near Echunga in the hills. There’s four Mk1’s and a Mk2 and they all look to be complete, although it’s clear that none of them have moved in recent history. It’s impossible to discover a find like this and not picture the latent possibility these cars have – a stock resto RS2000 or Mexico? A period rally car with bubble flares and a BDA running through big Webers? A tough streeter with a modern turbocharged Cosworth installed? Or a modern style rally car like they’re building in the UK a the moment with a Honda F20C and sequential 6 speed? Or with unlimited dollars, one of each?

I’d be willing to guess that passing motorists would have tried to buy these at some stage. Everybody has their price – I wonder what his is?


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  1. logan June 18, 2012 Reply

    they havnt been there long at all & have a big not for sale sign hopefully one day that will change

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