Macclesfield – Ferrari’s in the Sunday morning sun

So we were out checking pacenotes for the upcoming Classic Targa Adelaide the other weekend in the Adelaide Hills. It was one of those autumn days that was just a little too good to be true, the sun was shining and the air had that crisp edge to it that makes every breath a pleasure. As we dropped down into the town of Macclesfield I couldn’t quite believe what was revealed to us around the bend – more than fifteen Ferrari’s lining both sides of the main street.

It was the absolute perfect day to be out in one of Maranello’s finest.

There was the usual array of 308’s, Mondials, 355’s and 360’s that would ordinarily be post worthy if spotted individually, but the group contained a few particularly noteworthy examples of the marque.

Included in the group was an example each of the entire lineage of small, mid engined V8 Ferrari’s. 308GT4, 308GTS, 328, Mondial, 348, 355, 360, 430 and 458. They were all painted matching shades of Ferrari Rosso Corsa too.

The highlight for many was this 458 Italia, one of the first examples in Adelaide. It really is a stunning car to behold in the flesh, brilliant in every little detail and flourish.

Every square millimetre of the 458 has been worked for optimum aerodynamic efficiency.

A cue from the F40, perhaps? Although I’m not quite sure how 8 cylinders translates to three exhaust pipes given the 458 is naturally aspirated, in the F40 the centre pipe was a dump pipe for the turbo. And is it just me, or is the centre pipe a little smaller than the outers, a la F40 dump pipe? Win.

But the highlight for me was undoubtably this superb 365 GTB/4, known by the masses as the Daytona. It just oozed sex, glamour and taste in a way that the rest of the assembled models couldn’t even begin to contemplate.

Take a look at the 458, and then take a look at this. Both are worth about the same, one is significantly faster than the other, but which one is cooler? I’d love the opportunity to find out, but I suspect the Daytona would be a more enjoyable drive. Winding out that big V12 as the rays of sunlight catch your aviators  – the stuff dreams are made of.

This particular example was pretty special too. It has been painted at some stage, but other than that it is all original with just 30,000km from new. I like seeing cars like this one, in good condition but not over-restored. Used but not thrashed.

I’m usually not the biggest fan of Top Gear and the way they mass market enthusiast car stories for broad appeal, but occasionally they come out with a cracker segment. Their celebration of the Daytona’s 40th birthday falls into this category of car videos I can repeatedly watch. Sure the race with the power boat is wanky and I’m pretty sure the whole police bit was staged, but it’s well worth watching for the noise, the excellent footage and the dream of one day driving a car like this in that part of the world:

And what’s more, the owner was a genuinely nice guy who was very knowledgeable and passionate about his classic car. He makes sure to drive it at least once a week, and owns it simply because he likes the car, not because of the statement it makes. I was out riding my pushie around Devils Elbow last weekend and I saw him speed by me in the Daytona, V12 howling out loud. I can confirm that this car is indeed exercised on a regular basis.

So this is a very long winded way of saying that I think my favourite Ferrari is the 365 GTB/4. Perfection.

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