Rose Terrace, Wayville – Porsche 914/6

This Porsche 914/6 was parked at the showgrounds early yesterday morning awaiting scruitineering for Classic Targa Adelaide. I’ve been a huge fan of these cars ever since I read about Jeff Zwart’s rally 914/6 as a child, and think they’re the perfect combination of mid engined handling and Porsche flat 6 power. There’s nothing cooler than racecars on the road, and as a full prep tarmac rally car this example looked mean before the rally stickers were applied.

The 914 does look a little poxy bog stock, but they can be made to be quite the machine with a few simple mod’s. This example reminds me of a similar looking, particularly evil sounding blue 914/6 that used to prowl the Adelaide hills a few years back.


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