Supercar hunting in Singapore

The one thing that anyone who is even vaguely interested in cars takes away from a visit to Singapore is the sheer quantity of nice metal that populates the roads of this progressive city. Despite ridiculous import duties that make even the cheapest Toyota around AUD$70,000 on the road, 5 series BMW’s and S Classes are commonplace. But I was chasing something a little more enticing. Such is the quality of Singapore that I managed to shoot the following collection in just a single five-hour stopover. Enjoy.

But the ironic thing I find about a lot of these cars, particularly things like this modified F430, is that there isn’t actually anywhere in Singapore to properly drive these cars. Singapore is almost entirely built up to the point that they need to reclaim land now for any large new development, so unless you go across the border to Malaysia and hit up Sepang circuit, there’s nowhere to unleash Maranello’s finest and no twisty roads to be seen. That means that most of these cars are owned for their owners to be seen in, which makes me a little sad on the inside.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled upon this 105 parked inside somebody’s house when I first visited Singapore a few years back. I headed back to the same address this time and to my actual surprise it was still there. Classic cars are very, very rare in Singapore which makes this find even more exciting. Heaven only knows what the body is like up close, I couldn’t see a garage anywhere and all that humidity and the constant tropical downpours must be wreaking havoc on that poor Milanese steel.

And to finish off, my vote for the most vulgar, tasteless car goes to the Maybach, above.

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