The morning commute on Greenhill road – Maserati Indy

Short of the likes of something like a Ferrari Daytona, this is just about the coolest thing you could possibly drive into the city. I spotted this Maserati Indy this morning heading west along Greenhill road, before turning toward the CBD. I can’t even remember the last time I saw one of these.

Heading into the city in your Vignale designed Maserati would be a fine way to start the day.

The Indy was built to commemorate Maserati’s two victories at the Indy 500. It was powered by a V8 ranging from 4.2 to 4.9 litres and was produced from 1969-1974. This particular example was a little smokey, but it sounded fantastic.

The thing I love about this example is that it is original. It’s no trailer queen, and has not been subject to any sub standard work in the past years. The Indy was wearing this paint when it rolled out of the showroom as a brand new supercar in the 70’s. The patina adds to the car.




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