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Thanks to reader Felix for the hot tip. I scooted over to this property on Belair road after work today and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve never seen such variety in a private house before.

This Ferrari 328 GTS was still wearings its UK registration plates. The car cover indicates it is awaiting local registration, fresh off the boat perhaps.

A LHD coke bottle Corvette next to a classic Rolls Royce.

The unmistakeable silhouette of a Porsche 993.

The stately lines of a Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible. Looks like this guy deals in statues or something.

But for me the prize was this Aston Martin Lagonda. It was hidden so well that I didn’t even notice it when I was there, only when I reviewed the photos at home. There were only 645 of these made from 1974-1990, with average production time running at one car per week. It was by far the most expensive saloon in the world when new, and featured such technologies as cathode ray instrumentation and touch panel controls and was the first production car to use computer controls. It’s 5.3 Aston Martin V8 was coupled to a Chrysler 3 speed auto, and rarely saw better fuel economy than about 9mpg. I find it a fascinating car. My uni lecturers often spoke of the evils of Wikipedia, but sill it’s an interesting read:

I wonder if I could somehow get in touch with this guy and go back for a closer look at the Lagonda. Hmm….

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