Kuitpo Forest Rally 2011 – Scruitineering

So I went down tonight to check out scruitineering for the Kuitpo Forest Rally. The event is the fourth and final round of the South Australian Rally Championship, and it’s shaping up to be a cracker of an event. There are theoretically 5 guys who could walk away with a state championship under their arms.

I’ll be co-driving in the 0B course car, a bright orange GC8 WRX STI. Unfortunately this means I won’t really be out with the camera, so tonight at S&J was my only real shot to take some photo’s. Actually I take back the ‘unfortunately’ comment. As much as I love shooting, helmeting up and having a go on the special stage is always more fun 🙂

Evo10 + Advans + Alcon = Win. Obviously not a gravel contender….

Bonus points for anyone who knows what this symbol means. If you do, please refrain from telling your mother.


Serious cage is serious.

747 cleared for takeoff…

If Ben Sherman made gear knobs for rally cars…

No dark horses ’round here

Pink bits

That sticker ain’t no joke

Genuine mid 90’s ARC heritage in the Neal Bates Motorsport built 20V Corolla, now owned and campaigned by Ross Kingham. I remember watching these Corolla’s in action on tv as a kid, staring starry eyed at the cars sliding sideways on the telly. Who knows, I was probably watching this exact car.

I’ve said it many times before and I’m sure I’ll say it many times again – there’s nothing cooler than racecars on the road.

Shane’s Evo, freshly converted from road car to gravel rally spec. Shane will be loosing his and the car’s gravel virginity this weekend…

I wonder if it will still be this clean on Monday morning?

Busby arrives

The Sprinter with genuine WRC heritage

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  1. smee November 30, 2011 Reply

    Un happy that mine was not there. Oh well will return next year with a few new add ons and some unbent items and fresh paint.

    • Andrew Coles November 30, 2011 Reply

      Good to hear, all the more for next year! Are you planning on making the trek down to Millicent for Round 1?

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