A quite random supermarket pair – Ferrari 400 and Citroen DS

This is probably the most serendipitous sighting I’ve had to date. I was coming out of the wine store at Stirling and saw a Polo wearing guy in his mid 30’s pull up in his beautiful Ferrari 400. I had just finished studying it and was about to return to my car at which point this Citroen DS parked right next to the Ferrari. Has that even happened before?

Along with the Dino 308GT4, the Ferrari 400 represents the most likely entry into genuine Ferrari ownership. I’ve never really appreciated these cars before now, but this one has got me thinking. There’s a lot to like about the 400. The styling isn’t exactly breathtaking or revolutionary but it certainly is handsome and understated in a clean cut kind of way. The interior is sufficiently trimmed in soft leather, and one can’t possibly forget the 4.8 V12 lurking under the bonnet.

But the biggest drawcard for me is that it is actually a direct descendant of the legendary Daytona. The chassis is based on that of the 365 GTC/4, itself based on the Daytona’s, and the 4.8 V12 is a bored out version of the 4.3 supplied in the Daytona. The Daytona is almost my favourite Ferrari, but it seems an unlikely dream with Daytona pricing creeping well past the half-million dollar mark. A quick search on Carsales reveals a few nice looking 400’s with asking prices of between $35 and 40,000. I don’t doubt that a purchase would spear you far deeper into a myriad of trouble than you expect, but it would almost be worth it for a Ferrari V12 running so close to Daytona bloodline.

This one was in brilliant condition. No show queen, but a driver you’d be proud of.

And it was a manual too. The 400 also came as the 400A, fitted with a truly awful GM 3 speed auto. Kinda defeats the purpose really. Good to see this example fitted with a child seat as well.

It certainly looks good in this Daft Punk video clip!

And then the Citroen turned up, baby seat and all. There’s a whole lot I could write about my love for the DS, but I guess that will have to wait for the day I spot one on its own and can dedicate a whole post to it….

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  1. darren January 3, 2012 Reply

    I am 95% sure my god father restored that DS. If you ever wanna talk to him, im pretty sure he still owns Aldgate Exhaust.

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