Aldgate Pump Hotel – Audi R8 V10

The R8 is a car that I can’t quite work out. Some aspects of it are beautiful – the headlights for example. It’s a trendsetter too – teardrop headlight LED’s all started here (which have unfortunately filtered down to the likes of cheaply modified Commodore’s). And from what I’ve read it’s a cracker to drive, a real everyday useable supercar. But there’s something about it that just doesn’t quite do it for me the way that a $300,000+ supercar should. However, I do concede that I would most likely become quite smitten with the R8 should I ever have the chance to drive one…

This example was fitted with Audi’s FSI V10 engine, a direct descendent of the Lamborghini V10 used in the Gallardo. I think the V10 engine has all but made the V8 R8 a little obsolete now – small man syndrome of the highest order. Interesting to note that Audi also released this engine, albeit with two turbochargers, in its RS6 luxury saloon of a few years back. And what was cool about that car was that they didn’t really change the bodywork all that much. A true wolf in sheep’s clothing – a luxury saloon with a 650hp punch.

What’s interesting to note about this particular example is that it seems to have been debadged of all it’s ‘V10’ paraphanalia on the bodywork. I approve.

The V10’s under there somewhere under all those plastic, aluminium and carbon covers. Ferrari started the clear engine cover trend more than a decade ago with it’s 360 Modena, and as far as I’m concerned they’ve still got it nailed. This? Well it looks a little wanky when you can’t actually see the motor…

What I find interesting about this photo isn’t the R8, it’s the E60 BMW 5 series in the background. Those clear taillights indicate to me that prices of E60’s must be dropping enough now that the type of people who put clear taillights on cars can now afford them…

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  1. Felix November 22, 2011 Reply

    We had a "damaged" R8 V10 at work the other day, it seems ceramic brakes won't stop you running up the back of a jacked up patrol, there was a diff shaped dent on the R8's bonnet, as for the E60's tail lights they were a factory option and albeit a bad one, but will one day be desirable one can only hope, also note Alpina wing and from memory that car also has Alpina 20x10/9 stagger

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