eurofest 2011

Eurofest was held on the weekend at the Birdwood Motor Museum. Organised by the BMW club, it turned out to be a really top day. There will certainly be more Italian content at next years event however.

Michael turned up in his 16V and only entered the show because it meant we could all pile into it and avoid paying the entry fee. Good thing he did too, as he walked away with two trophies including the best exterior of any car there. Guess it always pays to keep your road car in show-ready condition.

Julian brought his 205 GTI out for the first proper time since it’s rebuild. It’s now running a dual Weber 45DCOE setup and new Speedline rims. It looks tough and he was stoked to have it out.


And Luke and Ruth had little baby Samuel out. Only three weeks old and at his first car event – the little man’s got a big future ahead of him.

I was really digging this 356. With fanatical attention to detail, it has exactly the right balance of modification v. original purity.

Since we were on the grounds of the Birdwood Motor Museum anyway, we decided to go and check it out. Everybody in Adelaide is very familiar with Twiggy’s Muira, but that doesn’t make it any less desirable.

A transverse V12! Transverse!

With our newly acquired 1940’s drivers licenses….

… we found a suitable ride and went for a burn.

I lust after Ferrari Daytona’s, but I still can’t help but think that cooped up in a static museum isn’t really the place for a car like this. It really should be out being enjoyed in the hills like the red example I was lucky enough to photograph and sit in a few months back.

911 Carrera, P1800, E-Type, DBS, 240Z and  the very rare and exciting Alfa Sprint based Giocattalo. The Giocattalo is a fascinating car with an equally fascinating story – I might just head back some time and try and properly shoot this car and write a bit of a history about it when I get a spare moment.

Back out at the show and Michael was intently studying the throttle linkages of every Porsche we found.

A perfect example of how stance should be done – low, flush and functional.

With a stock E34 for ride height comparison purposes.

This 2002 exhibited an eclectic mix of styles. The stripes, Heuer stickers and roundel are vintage euro, but the Moon sticker and Mexican blanket on the back seat are all the way hotrod. Funnily enough, I think it works.

Back to the Porsche side of things….

… and this Carrera was off the chart.

A later model 3.2 upgrade, steel 930 turbo flares, free flow exhaust, Simmons, half cage and full seats  with 6 point harnesses. Oh and it was immaculate.

Oh my, is that a carbon rear spoiler? YES IT IS! I like the way it blends in with the car and you only really notice it’s carbon when you get up close. Take note ricers, this is how carbon should be done.

And we finished off the day with a quick spin in Julians 205. I’ve said it before, but nothing beats the sound of Weber’s on full noise. The reverberation off buildings and pedestrians is like nothing else.



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