Glen Osmond Road – Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz

So there I was, stuck in Friday afternoon traffic on Glen Osmond road when I pulled in behind this old 280S Mercedes. Now I’ve really got quite a soft spot for this particular model – they’re damn near indestructible, they still have an incredible and affordable parts supply from Mercedes and I think they posses a style and elegance that one usually doesn’t find in a $1500 car. In fact, I’m going to go so far as to say I think they’re undervalued, especially when you consider that they share exactly the same design language and styling cues as the far more expensive Pagoda. Eminently rebuildable, I think one day prices will definitely climb. But I digress, the reason for this post is a far more hilarious story…

Especially given the rough looking character behind the wheel, I found the juxtaposition between this example and the way new Mercedes are positioned in the marketplace rather interesting. Out came the camera and there I was snapping away when I noticed said rough looking character was giving me the one fingered salute. Fair enough, so I put down the camera.

Unfortunately it didn’t end there, as it turned out my photography was agitating him quite a bit. Blocking traffic, he made some rather animated gestures to me out the window before pulling into the lane next, leaving me no option but to pull up alongside him. All my windows were down, and I was quietly shitting myself as I prepared for him to get out of the Merc and punch either myself, my car or my camera. In anticipation of the barrage of abuse that was surely about to come my way, I decided to beat him to the punch. “My Dad’s got one of those, you don’t see many on the road these days, hey!”.

I could actually see the individual muscles that made his wiry face change into a broad smile. He was actually a really nice guy, and we had a quick traffic light discussion about old Merc’s before he challenged me to a drag race up the freeway. His old LPG auto wasn’t that quick…

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