Henley Square – F*** you world, I drive a Hummer!

So when I started this blog, I made a little rule that I wouldn’t post anything negative. VN Commo’s on chromies, acres of fibreglass bumpers on Nissan NX’s… it exists, it’s hilarious, but in the interest of fairness I decided to keep away from it. But then I saw this Hummer. I mean, a Hummer is crass enough. But to put 26’s and cannon mufflers on it? And then park across two spaces in a completely full parking area? Is it actually possible to exhibit your lack of taste in a more vulgar way? Apologies for the lens flare, these were very quick shots as I didn’t want to be seen photographing this car as I was concerned that people would then think I liked it.

Where would you even go to get a 315/40 R26 tyre? These were Pirelli’s. He’s even kerbed the rims, all class.

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  1. Felix November 30, 2011 Reply

    If it was an H1 with sand flags id respect it, but evidently it isn't, therefore I don't

    • Andrew Coles November 30, 2011 Reply

      Yep true. In Melbourne the other week I actually saw a desert cammoed original H1, complete with (probably replica) machine gun on the roof that was being used as a hire Hummer. That would be pretty cool.

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