MSCA Round 5 Supersprint 2011

I had a pretty busy day the other weekend at the MSCA Supersprint. It was billed as a bit of a test and tune day, a time to try out new things. I took my stock 1990 MX5 out to see what it would do, which turned out to be just three hot laps before it began to overheat. I wasn’t too stressed though, I guess you can’t expect too much from a 265,000km used car. My best time in it was a 1.38, but I think there’s definitely another few seconds in it with more than just a handful of laps. However the modifying bug has truly bitten, and every spare moment now is occupied looking at suspension parts, roll bars, wheels and induction kits for it. So much for a daily that I promised would stay standard. Hmm.

I then jumped in our Alfa (above) and did a round of 5 laps in that. The old Alfa never misses a beat, and I managed to slide down to a 1.28.78. I know this car is capable of at least a second faster (I’ve done a 1.27.7 in it) so it was a little frustrating to be stuck in 28’s. But then again, it was a full 10 seconds quicker than the Mazda so I guess it’s not all bad.

They had parade laps during the lunch break, so I took the hardtop off the Mazda and had a mate drive it so I could get some rolling shots of a few cars. The shots worked pretty well, and I also experimented with taping a VIO POV camera to the back for some rolling footage. That wasn’t quite as successful, but at least it made us look like pro’s.

After that I went for a couple of laps in the passenger seat of Joe Cardone’s Alfa 105 (more to come on that) and capped the day off with a couple of laps behind the wheel of Ian’s AlfaSud.

This happened on the drive up – and it’s not the first time we’ve seen 00000 on this car either!

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