Burswood Casino Perth – Just your average Thursday night

Last week I was in Perth for Top Gear Live (post coming soon), held at the Burswood entertainment complex. I’d heard that the lobby area of the Burswood casino/InterContinental hotel is often worth a visit so I decided to check it out before the show. It didn’t disappoint. Perth is just like that though, during the short Link Airport Perth tourist tour I decided to kill some time on as I waiting for my ride into town, I saw many, many well maintained cars, the culture here is clearly geared towards vehicles.

Apart from the last two which were taken after the show, all of these photos were taken within a 15 minute period.

This Murcielago came complete with a man to watch it.

Some kind of AMG BiTurbo V12 was parked behind it, and an Audi R8 V10 behind that.

This Shelby Mustang looked a little lonely.

I haven’t seen a Murcielago in this colour before.

A Gallardo Superleggera rolls in…

… followed by a Ferrari California…

… and a Maserati GranSport. It was interesting to note that ordinary cars waited for about 10mins in line for valet parking, whereas the supercars were skipped straight to the front and parked right where everyone could see them.

And then a Ferrari 458 Italia casually saunters in.

Parking problems.

The owner of the Superleggera gives careful instruction to the valet…

… whilst the owner of the California does the same.

Nominee for the best job award?

After the show we came out to find another Gallardo with a rather appropriate number plate.

And a Ferrari 599 Fiorano for good effect.

Not bad for an evenings viewing.

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