Glen Osmond Road – Ferrari F40 (yes….)

Okay, so this is a legit F40 sighting in Adelaide – although it was back in 2006 during the Classic Adelaide rally.

I was going through some of my old photos when I stumbled upon these ones. This was my first ever rally as a course car official and I was revelling in the thrill of being on the ‘inside’ of such a high profile event for the first time. I was meant to spend the event in the cleanup ute, but due to somebody else’s sickness I’d just been bumped up and had spent the day co-driving in a Mitsubishi 380 (those were the days when closed roads at pretty much road speeds were still exciting!), and here we were following a Ferrari F40 back into the city for the Gouger Street Party. I couldn’t believe it.

I wasn’t at all into photography when I took these, it was literally just a point and shoot out the window. I’ve tried to fix them as much as possible now, but I decided the quality of the subject matter easily justified the low quality of the photos.

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