Top Gear Live – The Supercars

The best part of Top Gear Live was what they called ‘The Stig’s Garage’, a segment where they just parked a whole lot of desirable cars in a line and walked around talking about them for a while. It was the usual assortment of high end exotica, but there were two standouts….

… the Ferrari F40. Everyones seen one before, but they still take my breath away every time I see one. So according to that URL the guy that own’s the F40 runs an earthmoving business in Perth. I might need to consider a career change I think.The other car that stopped me in my tracks was the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. This is the first time I’d seen an Aventador in the flesh, and it stopped me in my tracks. It’s a stunning design in every respect. I feel that a lot of the current crop of supercars lack that ‘wow’ factor (McLaren MP4 for example) that the supercars of the 70’s had. When new, the Lamborghini Countach stopped entire streets with it’s cutting edge looks. I think the Aventador is a worthy successor. I thought this was a 599xx, but it was merely a black roof vinyl. Trick for young players.

They also had a ‘Cool Wall’ segment, where some lucky sod got to drive a nice car out and the boys walked into the audience to discuss the car. Most cars were voted uncool, although I voted the GT3RS ‘cool’, for the record…

The most heated discussion was reserved for the Abarth 500 Tributo Ferrari. Seems the boy’s don’t appreciate paying twice the price for a Ferrari badge. I might just have to head in to Prestige Formula for a look at one close up to make my final call!

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