IKEA Carpark – 1982 Chevrolet Suburban K25

Okay, so this is a little bit left of field for a sports car blog, but I still think this 1982 K25 Chevrolet Suburban is actually pretty cool. It comes from a time when real men drove full size SUV’s that had real ability and they didn’t give a damn about trivial things like safety or fuel consumption. It’s built to to a job – to move a group of people, their luggage and a whole lot of heavy stuff in a trailer across the land. I appreciate the fact that it was designed to do a job, and it did it well.

And I kinda want to meet the type of person who drives an 80’s Suburban. Do they go the whole way and rock double denim with cowboy boots, listen to Springsteen exclusively and smoke Marlboro’s?

Do they look like these guys, or has their personal style moved with the times?

This thing would make the perfect support car for a vintage racing team. Imagine towing an old Camaro or a Can-Am style racer to the track, with your tools, buddies and beers in the back of something like this. I’d even wear flannelette.

The Suburban holds the record for the longest production run of a single nameplate (it’s been in constant production since 1935) and this particular body style was the longest running Suburban (built for 19 model years). You will of course pick this body style of Suburban as the one manicly driven by volcanologist Dr Harry Dalton (Pierce Brosnan) in the 1997 volcano disaster movie Dante’s Peak.

This particular example was the Suburban Silverado model, denoting it’s higher trim levels and two-tone paintwork.

I don’t think it’s cool enough to actually seriously consider purchasing one, but having just recently seen a Chevrolet Caprice lift kit up front and personal, I think it’s boxy and slightly dated. None the less, styling and dedication of purpose make it an interesting automobile nonetheless.

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