Kent Town – hotrod ’73 911 Carrera RS

I was at North Terrace Tyres this morning having a puncture fixed from last weekend’s camping adventures when I heard the unmistakeable high pitched squeal of proper race brakes, accompanied by the unmistakable heel-and-toe bark of a highly tuned Porsche flat 6 cutting through the morning traffic. As I looked up my jaw literally dropped as this ’73 Carrera RS replica drove in. 

A modified early 911 is very, very high on my list of car’s I’ve promised myself I will one day own, in fact it’s probably almost number 1, and this example is exactly how I would build my one. A street going racer with the old world Porsche charm, mixed with modern world levels of performance. 

According to the owner this example see’s plenty of circuit action at Mallala about 7 or 8 times a year. I’m not sure if it’s had the popular twin plug conversion, but the 2.7 flat 6 has been enlarged to 2.9 and now produces around 260hp at the rear wheels. That’s plenty given that it probably weighs less than a ton. 

One of these early Porsche’s tuned like this one would be an absolute blast to drive. Maybe not as fast as a modern GT3, but I think it would be a more wholesome experience. I’m imagining the immediacy the highly strung flat 6 would deliver, and with it’s light weight and direct steering I imagine you’d be able to dance this thing around to your heart’s content.

Apparently this example is a 1973 model, but it’s actually possible to build one of these from any Porsche made from about 1972 until the introduction of the 993 in late 1993. The shell’s are almost identical and it’s possible to back-date a more modern 911 (such as a 964) to look like one from the 70’s. Doing it that way gives you the benefit of a more modern fuel injected twin plug engine, bigger brakes, air conditioning and the 30 years of constant development that Porsche are so famous for whilst still retaining the classic feel.

It’s interesting to see how the times change. In the 80’s and 90’s everybody was all about making their Porsche’s look as modern as possible. That’s how we’ve ended up with all those beautiful 1970’s models in bright colours with god-awful plastic whale tails, 993-esque fender flares and far too large, knock off Cup style wheels. Now though, everybody is about backdating the classics. I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

I mean, with an old 911 like this, what else do you really need anyway?

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  1. michael katsikitis April 11, 2012 Reply

    Sweet write up Andrew, the way you structure your articles is great and makes for a decent read. Top notch!

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  3. Glenn April 11, 2012 Reply

    Excellent...Where can I get one to swap with my 6 series (e24) coupe?

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