What did you do with your sports car this Easter?

I’m sure a lot of our readers would have found themselves in a similar situation this weekend – a couple of days off work and a sports car in the garage. It’s like a choose your own adventure novel, the different possibilities are endless.

We chose to head down to the Coorong for a couple of nights of camping. What did you do?

The problem we face as a group is that most of us are into sports cars. Normally not an issue, but it means that when we decide to go camping we own some of the most unsuitable cars around.

But that’s alright, navigating these roads in a car with little ground clearance and low(ish) profile tires is just another challenge. And it does feel pretty good to watch the urban cowboys in their Landcruiser’s and Pajero’s go past, knowing you just navigated that bit of road in an MX5.

Your reward is priceless beers around the fire, boating adventures and a crystal clear view of the heavens above… when it wasn’t raining.

So what did you do with your sports car?

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  1. jumpingpolarbear April 8, 2012 Reply

    This Easter I was wishing I had a sports car :).

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