Crating up Bruce for his journey to Vancouver

You may remember our friend Dylan Samarawickrama whom we met when he passed through Adelaide on his Round The World motorcycle trip about two months ago. For those who haven’t read it, you can see the story here.

Part of the discipline involved in a trip like this is moving on, and we sadly bid Dylan farewell as he leaves our shores and heads away on the next leg of his journey. His time in Australia hasn’t always been easy (see above – at least this crash was on soft sand!), but he’s seen some incredible things and has met some incredible people.

Back in Adelaide again, Dylan stayed with us for a few days while he cleaned, disassembled and crated up Bruce, his trusty BMW, to be shipped to Vancouver. The bike must be immaculately clean to satisfy Australian and Canadian customs requirements, and the red dust from the Australian outback had worked its way into every nook and cranny of the bike. It was a big job.

Dylan was also cool enough to rep Any Given Reason on his bike for the rest of his trip!

The 2003 model is starting to rack up a fair few k’s. Not all of those are from this trip, but a fair percentage are.

Every scrape and scratch tells a tale, a hard fought and won battle against the environment and the odds.

After leaving Adelaide two months ago, Dylan headed out along the famous Nullabor on his way to Perth.

He met some interesting characters too, like this guy who was riding his skateboard from Norseman to Adelaide to raise funds for charity. He hit the news in Adelaide when Police actually fined him for riding a ‘toy’ on the road, however public outcry earned him a Police escort into Adelaide.

Dylan took it slowly, and explored a side of the Great Australian Bight on his way to Perth that I’d never really given much thought to. Dylan highlighted to me that Australia really is a stunningly beautiful place, a place that most of us simply haven’t seen enough of. Everybody raves about overseas travel, but we must not forget that Australia has a lot to offer as well.

In true traveller fashion, Dylan was of course wild-camping most of the time. This is somewhere in the Carnarvon region.

So finally back in Adelaide after 32,500km of touring Australia, it was time to crate Bruce up…

… and drop him off at the shipping company. Fingers crossed that everything is still where we put it when Dylan opens the crate in Vancouver a months time.

Dylan is currently touring New Zealand by car/scooter while his bike is on the boat. When it arrives Dylan will ride up into Alaska, then back down through Canada, the United States and down the entire length of South America to the very tip. He’ll ride back up to Buenos Aires, ship the bike to Cape Town in South Africa, and then ride up through Western Africa back into Europe. The serious part of the journey is still to come!

Farewell from Australia, Dylan! Any Given Reason will keep in contact and post an update on his travels every so often.

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