Macclesfield – Jeep JK Rubicon

I apologize for the amount of 4×4 content on Any Given Reason lately, but you can’t deny the appeal of something like this Jeep JK Rubicon I found parked in the hills the other weekend.

I’ve had a disturbing soft spot for these Wranglers for a little while now, and I think it comes down to what you can do with these cars and what they represent. If you owned a Wrangler you could go top down cruising ON the beach, rock crawling, splashing through mud rivers and just generally having fun off road. It’s the thought of taking the canvas roof off, spending a day wheeling up into the Flinders and then camping around the fire playing guitars and laughing with your mates. I also like the idea of using one of these to tow a racecar to the track, top down of course.

But maybe all that proves is Jeep’s marketing is working. Their advertising is a lot like that of an airline – they spend little time selling the actual product, and a lot of time selling what the product would enable you to do. But then again, maybe they’re right. The owner of this Jeep seems to be associated with Project-JK, a blog/forum run by group of hard wheelin’ Jeep owners who like to modify their JK Wrangler’s and get them dirty. I challenge you to spend more than 5 minutes on this site and then not instantly visit Carsales and look at the prices of used Wrangler’s locally.

Read this thread here and tell me that doesn’t look like a perfect weekend away.

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  1. Adam Cadd November 14, 2012 Reply

    I work with the owner of this bad boy

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