The 2012 Targa Adelaide course has been revealed!

The course for the 2012 Targa Adelaide rally was released today and it looks like there’s going to be some fantastic stages. A lot of the old favourites are back again – Castambul, Coromandel and Montacute, and a few exciting stages from previous years make a comeback, most notably the incredibly tight and twisty Basket Range stage. There are a few new ones too, chief of which is called ‘Aldgate’. Starting a few kilometres out of the town, it runs down the fast, smooth, flowing and generally excellent stretch of road into Mylor, before turning right just inside the town speed limit and then running the complete distance of the Aldgate Valley Road into Aldgate. This has long been a favourite road of mine, but there are houses along its full length and the speed limit is 60 so you can never really have a proper crack. I’m definitely looking forward to competing on this slow, tight and technical stretch of road.

See the full breakdown of the stages here on the Targa Adelaide website.

The trainspotters amongst you may have noticed that the suffix ‘Classic’ is gone from the event title. Yes, ‘Classic Targa Adelaide’ is now just ‘Targa Adelaide’. Unfortunately it seems the beans just didn’t add up in terms of running a classic only event and entry has now been opened to modern cars. But on the plus side the event moves from a prologue plus three days of competition to a prologue plus four days of competition. Rumour going around is that the prologue will be run within the grounds of the Royal Adelaide Showground, too. Five full days of competition – what’s not to love about that?

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