Grote Street – Lancer Evolution 5

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for the lack of new posts lately. I’ve had a couple of major events on consecutive weekends, so when you factor in the time to travel to and from, edit photos, write stories, catch up on sleep and of course go to work every day, new posts are few and far between. But the plus side is that I’ve got some genuinely interesting content coming up over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Despite being a dedicated classic car and euro nut I’ve written about my obscure love of Evo’s before on this blog, so you can see how I was a little excited to find this Evo 5 this afternoon. It’s so clean and smooth, and is definitely chanelling it’s bigger brother the 6.5 Makinen for inspiration.

For my tastes this is exactly how a car should be modified. Not over the top, not eccesively seeking attention. It looks like a factory version, where the volume’s just been turned up a little. It’s only when you look at it a little closer that you notice the big Brembo brakes, the chunky slotted rotors, the engine air intake where a driving light should be and the little details like the wheel lug nuts. I’d love to find out what resides under that louvered bonnet.

On the drive home I started to think about just why it is that I like these Evo 5 and 6’s so much. The first properly fast car I ever drove, when I was about 18, was an Evo 6.5 Makinen Edition. That experience burnt itself into my young, impressionable brain no doubt, but I think it all started earlier than that.

Gran Turismo 1. PS1. As a 10 year old kid, I’d walk into McDonalds when they were having their monopoly promotion. One of the prizes was a Playstation with Gran Turismo, and I just wanted it so bad. It took me months and months of hassle to my Mum and Dad, and somehow by Christmas 1998 I finally had my Playstation and Gran Turismo. Life was complete.

I spent hours and hours playing that game, buying and modifying cars. My first car was a Miata, and I can remember racing it endlessly against the faster Evo’s, and loosing. I scrimped and saved up my Gran Turismo credits, and finally bought my very own Evo 5. You can imagine my excitement when Gran Turismo 3 came out, and it featured the 6.5 Makinen!

So that’s probably why I love these Evo 5 & 6’s so much. What happened in GT seems to be playing out in real life, too. I’ve just bought a Miata, and am scrimping and saving…

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