MSCA Round 2 Supersprint

Sunday just gone was Round 2 of the MSCA Supersprint series. The usual suspects were in attendance, doing what they love to do, with the addition of a few new ones.

I’m just going to start right out with one of the most beautiful cars there, Joe Grilli’s GTA inspired Alfa Guila Sprint GT.

The detailing on this car is just superb, everything has been thought out and the aesthetic and practical implications of every decision have been carefully considered. There’s absolutely nothing on this car that I would do differently. 

I think it’s definitely worthy of a dedicated feature at some point in the future.

Michael was out once again in his Sud and had a faultless run – good to see him still reppin’ the Any Given Reason windscreen banner from the MSCA 6 Hour of a few weeks back!

The reverse weed on the sticker made the coolest shadows on Michael’s door trim when the sun was in just the right position.

Ben brought little Nicholas out for his first time to the track, and he loved it! Turns out the little man is a bit camera shy, probably the best way to be.

Luke and Viano Jaksa had a bit of a tough time with their 75 Potenziata. You may notice that the horizontal surfaces look a little matte – no, this isn’t some effort to make it look ‘rat’.

The clear coat on the car was peeling horribly and this is the result of a quick fix job gone wrong. Long story short, but what started as a basic reapply of clear coat encountered several unexpected complications and it started to rain before the paint had dried. With other projects occupying the shed poor Viano had nowhere to put the 75. It got wet, and then some maple leaves fell on it. I gotta admit… I kinda dig the effect. Just needs roof racks and to be slammed on some mass offset BBS with crazy neg to be complete.

They didn’t get a break all day. The high mileage V6 then started making knocking noises on the track, Luke and Viano tried to limp it home but it finally let go just outside of Two Wells. I guess they’ve gotta look on the bright side – this is the perfect opportunity to build a ballsy motor now!

The officials were kept busy all day.

This New Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works was out for its shakedown run. It was one of the Mini Challenge cars from a few years back and has just been purchased by its new owner.

The thing I like about the MSCA Sprints is that there are a great deal of nicely cared for, restored and modified classic cars out.

I’m not sure what was under the bonnet of this S30, but it was certainly the meanest sounding Z I’ve heard for a long while. I like the fact that it hasn’t been ‘over-racecar’d’ too, the spirit of the original Z-Car is still well and truly preserved.

Guy Standen had the 124 out for a bit of a pre-Targa shakedown. In readiness for our Targa Adelaide campaign Guy kindly allowed me to double enter with him, and I had an absolute ball flinging this beautifully balanced classic Fiat around the track.

Since last year Guy has fitted the 124 with new seats in a new seating position, a lighter, less complicated heater and revised switchgear along with some other work. Luckily for me Guy is a firm believer that although I’m only co-driving, I should be comfortable with driving the 124 in case I need to take over during the event if Guy can’t drive a stage or two for any reason. I don’t want to wish him ill luck or anything, but maybe he’ll be struck down with an acute case of pneumonia during the event and I’ll have to drive? Just joking of course, occupying the co-drivers seat is fine with me!

I’ve actually driven the car at Mallala before, in the leadup to last years Classic Targa Adelaide. You can read about it here. Last time I managed a 1.28.31, but after some development work on the car this year I knocked a couple of seconds off and ended up with a 1.25.7. That’s faster than Guy’s old PB, but he topped that again with a 1.24.5 on Sunday, proving that the development work to the car has definitely paid off.

I didn’t get to have much of a crack in the first three rounds due to a damp track and lots of traffic. I got a good clean run in round 4 where I set my fastest time, and then for round 5 I just decided to forget about times and simply enjoy the experience. I was at least half a lap ahead of the nearest car, so I ended up with the magic combination of a perfectly setup car and a clear track with no distractions. It was a zen moment, and strangely enough I felt more relaxed during those six laps than I have for months. The angry snarl of the big Weber carbies and the burnt orange sun setting way off in the distance just added to the moment – I put an emphasis on driving smoothly and using every sense to take the experience in. I was completely present in the moment, not allowing myself to become distracted by past or future.

And so it was that golden sunset that became the backdrop to our drive home. We were lucky with the weather – the rain held off all day.

It was such an incredible sunset that it even made the Torrens Island pollution look beautiful.

And just like that, the day was over. I’d like to say big thank-you to Guy Standen for the drive of the 124, I had an absolute blast.

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