Aeroplanes and rally cars – the hanger shoot

On the eve of the Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally we found ourselves not madly preparing cars for the following day’s racing, but taking photos of them in a rather brilliant location.

Pilatus are a Swiss manufacturer of aeroplanes – you might never have heard of their most popular executive plane, the PC-12, but you’ve almost definitely seen their product in action – Pilatus supply the RAAF Roulette’s and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Pilatus’ Australian arm, based at Adelaide Airport, have recently began to increase their involvement in motorsports by sponsoring the Mt Alma Mile Hillclimb and a couple of rally cars.

With everyone in town for the Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally anyway, the guys thought it would be a good idea to park a couple of rally cars in front of a couple of planes in the Pilatus hanger at Adelaide Airport and film a short promotional video about what motorsport means to Pilatus. With the lighting set up anyway by the film crew and a healthy disregard for the sleep I really should have been getting, I decided to stick around and shoot a few frames. Because really, when is this likely to happen again?

The R35 isn’t a small car by any means, but it looked tiny when parked right in front of a PC-12.

The primary aim of the night was to shoot interviews with a few key people, and get some creamy smooth boom camera video shots of the cars with the planes in the background.

The team were using Canon 5D Mark II’s mounted on a counter-balanced boom, which was connected to these LCD monitors for realtime liveview of what the camera was filming. The footage was incredible. I’ll post it on Any Given Reason once the editing is finished.

Surf videographer Bali Strickland was also there, getting handheld footage for the video.

It was quite frustrating sometimes – the big hanger doors were open to the airport tarmac, and I could see that there were so many awesome photographic opportunities out there. However, there was a big yellow line painted on the ground and I have no doubt that the Federal Police would have been right on me had I crossed it.

It was still a pretty cool thing to be a part of.

It became a whole lot cooler when we turned the lights out…

… and gave the modified 800hp R35 a rev in the open hanger. Oh. My. God the noise. It was knee trembling.

And at about midnight we drove the cars out…

… and loaded them up for the following day’s tarmac rally action. The Ferris Bueller fans are sure to dig the trailer license plate.

Thanks very much to the film crew and the guys at Pilatus for allowing me the privilege of shooting something so cool!

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