Sighting – Ferrari 250GT SWB

A regular Any Given Reason reader sent in these photos of this immaculate Ferrari 250GT SWB he spotted in Adelaide recently. Not only was it in Adelaide, it proudly wears South Australian registration too.

Of 176 250GT SWB’s built, it’s apparently one of just 10 factory right hand drive SWB’s and only one of three worldwide that remains unrestored. That’s right – it’s original. The SWB was an extremely successful GT racer back in the day, and its combination of short size, light weight and big power made it an unstoppable force on the track. The 250GT SWB was replaced by the immortal 250GTO in 1962.

From what I’m told, the sound of the Colombo Tipo 125 2.9l V12 emanating out the quad Ansa pipes as it took off down the road was something to remember. If only we were there!

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