Supersprint Round 4 & Porsche club motorkhana

Perfect weather and perfect track conditions accurately sum up Round 4 of the MSCA Supersprint series. Instead of going through each individual performance, I’ll focus on a few of the highlights of the day as well as taking a quick look at the Porsche club motorkhana which was simultaneously taking place on the skidpad.

Guy Standen had the 124 out in its final shakedown before our Targa Adelaide campaign next week. Apart from a minor gearbox issue which has since been rectified, the 124 performed faultlessly and is ready for 4 days of tarmac rally action.

This Evo 10 won the award for biggest spoiler and ended up setting a high 1.16. It probably should have been at WTAC in Sydney though, which was happening on the same weekend.

Although this (presumably) SR20 powered IPRA Datsun 1600 ended up with a faster time, proving that you don’t necessarily need huge wings to go fast.

The best battle of the day was between the AlfaSud’s of David Parken and Michael Katsikitis. They were both line ball for speed, and ended the day setting times less than half a second apart. Michael was (just) the quicker of the two, setting a 1.26.1 making him the fastest Alfa on the day. Top effort.

But the best part was in the third round when they both ended up out there together. In all honesty it was almost proper racing, passing several times a lap. It was brilliant stuff to watch, and even more fun in the car judging by their faces when they came in.

During the drivers briefing we could hear screeching tires and sudden flat-six roars off in the distance. A quick walk over revealed a range of Porsche’s and modified Subaru’s being put through their paces around the cones.

Some of which were fitted with extremely legit wheels. BBS is the only real choice for a GT3…

There were some quite rare examples competing, including this limited run Boxster Spyder…

And quite a few WRX’s. The Subaru boys seemed to be getting into it a lot more, and quite a few of them were pulling the most beautifully executed handbrake turns around the cones. This guy put in a champion effort, although he’s much more of a man than I would be to do that to a stock sounding Subaru driveline.

This is probably the first and last time you’ll see a Ford Maverick on Any Given Reason, but seriously just take a look at the condition of this thing! It looked brand new, and the black paintwork was polished to an almost mirror finish. The JPS-esque stripes were just icing on the cake, I’ve never seen anything like it before. Crazy.

I decided to take my MX5 out for a spin. It’s bog stock, but I reasoned that driving even a stock MX5 is better than spectating, so I scraped the Robertstown mud off the underside, borrowed some wheels with slightly better used road tires than mine and hit the track. In a nice side benefit, I seriously enjoyed spending the Friday night beforehand preparing the car as well. Town? Who needs it. The shed is where it’s at on a Friday night.

I ended up having a lot more fun than I expected. Even in stock form with 280,000+km’s an MX5 is just such a fun car to throw around a track. There’s hardly any power so to get a decent time it all comes down to being smooth, and making sure that you’re doing absolutely everything perfectly. And when you feel like being a hoon you can hang the tail out around turn 1 in the most beautiful, controllable, smile inducing slides. I ended up with a 1.34.2, okay given the cars age but I’m already looking into ways of making it quicker to dip into the high 20’s. So much for the daily driver that was never meant to hit the track…


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  1. Lewis August 17, 2012 Reply

    Believe it or not that Evo 10 is the fastest SST (dual clutch transmission) equipped Evo x on the planet... It's run a 10.8! Clearly it doesn't translate into lap speed at a circut

    • Andrew Coles August 17, 2012 Reply

      Really? wow....

      He did seem to be having a few problems early in the day, it looked like he got them fixed but maybe not. Seems like a pretty serious car though!

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