The ‘race rage’ 2003 HRT V8 Supercar

Sitting on the showroom floor of Adelaide BMW was probably one of the most famous Australian racecars of the past three decades – Mark Skaife’s 2003 Holden Racing Team VY V8 Supercar.

Flash back to 2003, and both Mark Skaife and the Holden Racing Team are at the height of their powers. It’s the last race of the season at Eastern Creek, and Skaife has been trying to pass Ingall for several laps. But it’s more than that, because second place in the 2003 championship would be decided by that race.

Skaife ducked down the inside around a corner and drew lineball with Ingall coming out. The stewards view is that Ingall moved across, sending Skaife into the wall and out of the race. But it’s what happened after the incident that made the headlines. On Ingall’s next lap around, Skaife runs to the edge of the track to shake his fist in understandable frustration. Ingall then swerves toward Skaife and powers on, swerving away at the last moment.

It was quickly dubbed ‘race rage’ and became one of the most famous moments in V8 Supercar history…

… and one of the protagonists involved is sitting on a showroom floor in Adelaide.

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