The Urban Outlaw

“Appearance wise, I’m not your typical Porsche looking guy. You know, there’s not a lot of bearded, dreadlocked, tattooed Porsche guys out there…”

So somehow we ended up on the media email list for the new film by Tamir Moscovici, Urban Outlaw. The film is a thirty minute documentary about Magnus Walker, a hard driving, whiskey swilling dude with an insatiable appetite for modifying, restoring and collecting old Porsche 911’s. It debuted last night at London’s Raindance film festival, and Any Given Reason was just the 32nd viewer to see it outside of it’s inaugural festival screening.

Brilliantly filmed and edited, the film delves into the passion behind the cars, and explores the way these 911’s make Magnus feel when he builds and drives them, and how he’s got to where he is. We might not all have a six inch beard, dreads down to our shoulders or a restored warehouse filled with twelve or more old 911’s, but we can relate to his story.

The film goes live online on October 15. Until then you’ll have to survive with the official trailer…

… and this particularly brilliant video of Magnus having a bit of a Thursday morning drive through downtown LA.


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  1. abauerporsche October 1, 2012 Reply

    Be sure to keep tuned on the happenings of this film. Local organizers are busy setting up porsche enthusiasts certain showings where owners will simultaneously gather and view the film together. This will be a lot of fun.

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