A sunny public holiday in Hahndorf

This morning I found myself in the shed, working on my Fiat X1/9 restoration project. At about 11am I temporarily downed the tools in one of many short ‘frustration breaks’ and walked out onto the back lawn where I was completely awestruck by just how much of a stunning day it was. A man shouldn’t be relegated to miss such a rare gift from above, I reasoned, so I hastily developed some shakey justification as to why I really needed to meet some friends for lunch at Birdwood.

After all, the MX5 was ready and waiting in the driveway. How could I say no? I try to keep the MX5 prepared at all times for such impulse decisions.

After a long lunch in the sun at the Birdwood Hotel and a surprisingly traffic free run from Lobethal to Norton Summit via Basket Range, I ended up in Hahndorf. Being a beautiful public holiday the town was understandably packed with tourists, and also quite a few interesting cars. I spotted enough in just an hour’s stroll through town to justify a dedicated post.

The hills are always going to be popular with motorbikes, and I parked just down from a solid lineup of Italian exotica. Everything from Carl Fogarty Ducati 999 replica race bikes with LOUD Termignoni carbon pipes, to classics like this 900 Super Sport. 

The tank sticker on this MV Augusta F4 says it all.

The timeless beauty of a classic 911. I haven’t traditionally been a huge fan of the whale tale look, and whilst I still prefer the clean lines of a ’73, the widebody is definitely growing on me.

And that’s probably a good thing, because (unless it’s a Turbo) these mid 80s cars represent the most attainable entry into 911 ownership.

I drive through Hahndorf probably 3 or 4 times a week, but it’s been a good decade or more since I’ve spent any time pretending to be a tourist. I can see why people flock here, it’s a beautiful town.

I found this Gallardo parked up against the wall at the Hahndorf Inn. It was causing quite the stir from passing pedestrians, and camera phones were going wild.

But I thought it was a little odd how the owner went to the trouble of bunting the car off, and then yelling from across the driveway at anyone who got too close to it. If you were that precious about people touching your car, why would you drive it to the busiest tourist town on a sunny public holiday, and then park it in the one location where every single person will see it?

Most people I know with these sorts of cars actually shy away from the attention they generate. They enjoy them early in the morning when the roads are clear, and then put them back in the shed so as not to create a scene. In today’s case I hesitate to use the word poseur, but…

I couldn’t help but think of the contrast between this yellow Gallardo and the attitude that John and Jason White have towards their Super Trofeo Stradale rally car. I took this photo at the Targa Adelaide Norwood street party, where John and Jason opened it up to whoever wanted to check it out and sit in it. They know they have a pretty awesome car (which incidentally is a damn sight rarer and worth probably 3 times as much as the yellow Gallardo) and they just want to share it with as many people as they can. So really, what’s cooler?

Just as I moved on from the Gallardo, this factory fresh Honda NSX-T drove past.

On the way out of town I spotted this Alpaca. I think it deserved a photo because, well, look at it. I mean really, what the?

And then in nearby Macclesfield, this Aston Martin V8 Vantage convertible was parked outside the Three Brothers Arms. A perfect end to the day.

And the cool thing is that all of these cars were spotted within about an hour. Next perfect spring day, I might have to spend a little more time in Hahndorf and see what we find.

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  1. Tom Gilbert October 2, 2012 Reply

    You should have lent up against the Gallardo and put a face mark on the window. That would have got him going! Great pics Andrew.

    • Andrew Coles October 3, 2012 Reply

      Thanks Tom! I was very tempted to move the bunting to get better photos...

  2. Bosstiger October 2, 2012 Reply

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