Rodeo Drive – Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Reader Guy Standen sent in these photos of this Veyron he spotted on a recent holiday in California. The Veyron is one of the easier ways to lighten your (considerable) automotive wallet if you have the means, however this colour scheme certainly proves that money doesn’t necessarily equal taste.

Ettore would be turning in his grave. I honestly would have though that someone at the factory would have stepped in and stopped the madness on this occasion.

And yes, that is airbrushing.

It’s easy to see how these sorts of atrocities happen because Veyron’s are completely custom cars and buyers can specify just about any colour they can imagine. So given that, here’s a challenge: jump onto Bugatti’s online configurator and spec the ugliest Veyron you  possibly can, and then post your efforts to our Facebook page for us all to see! Here’s our best effort:

Thanks for sending these photo’s in, Guy!

If you’ve come across anything interesting in your travels, send a picture through to

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