Alfa Romeo Club summer night cruise

DSC_0125Last night the Alfa Romeo Owners Club held their Hot Summer Night cruise. Unfortunately the name turned out to be a little bit of a misrepresentation – for a middle of January evening it was actually quite cold with grey skies and threatening rain, but this didn’t affect the turnout.


It was on the contrary, with close to 30 Alfa’s, a few Fiat’s and one, err, MX5 coming along for the drive ending at Gelato Bello on Glynburn Road.

DSC_0194The route took us on a short squirt around the metro area. I was hoping for some hills roads, but it was a different vibe and I don’t think the run suffered for it.

DSC_0226Most of the wives and girlfriends weren’t particularly disappointed at the lack of a hills run, anyway.

DSC_0235The route actually took us on a few roads I’d never driven before. I may have caused a little bit of confusion when I doubled back at one point to check out this Fiat X1/9 sitting in someones driveway. Sorry for the confusion, but it was an X1/9!

DSC_0247We ended up at Gelato Bello for oversized gelati. The only problem with this place is that they have so many flavours, so you get the 3 scoop cone to sample as many as possible. But the scoops are just so damn big! You’ve gotta finish it though.

DSC_0255And then some guy rocked up in this Ford LTD. It’s the exact polar opposite of the sports cars we were driving, but I still think it’s pretty cool in a crass kind of way.

DSC_0224Here’s to enjoying the rest of the hot summer nights!


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