Sighting – Americans in the East End

DSC_0495In the interests of transparency, I’m not usually a huge fan of American cars, and I dare say most Any Given Readers probably share that opinion. But just look at that ’59 Caddy – you can’t deny its appeal. It’s probably as far removed as is possible from the small, nimble cars we love so much, but in the right context, I doubt it would be any less fun. For quite a while I’ve had a desire to jump in one of these things with a whole bunch of mates, and just go cruising on a hot summer night.

Eric-Capton-and-B.B.-King-Riding-with-The-King-Rolex-WatchesThis is the kind of scene I’ve got in my mind. And if B.B. King and Eric Clapton were there with their guitars, well that’s even better.

DSC_0499And on the same day, not even two hundred metres around the corner, was parked this C2 Corvette Convertible. I’m not overly educated on my Corvette history, but this looks to be around a 1966 model, and in my eyes probably the prettiest of the Corvette convertibles. Some, like the C4, look a little uneasy as a convertible, but I think the loss of roof only enhances the C2’s sharp lines. And as one of the smallest and lightest of the American sports cars it ticks all the boxes – it has the American Graffiti aura without the land yacht zip code.

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