All Japan Day 2013

DSC_0027All British Day, All American Day, All French Day… it seems each major car manufacturing nation has its own day, where respective enthusiasts gather to celebrate their favorite cars that somehow share similar traits based purely on their place of manufacture.

DSC_0127But All Japan Day is a little bit different. Whereas most All <insert country> Day’s seem to be run by traditional clubs and have a heavy influence of restored and stock standard cars, All Japan Day is populated by a much younger crowd who like to modify their cars. Whether its drift, grip, race, rally, street, show or drag, pretty much every car at All Japan Day was modified in some way. This sheer variety alone makes for a fascinating show, and I think the photo above highlights what I mean. There’s a Toyota Sprinter built for hills use in the foreground, a drift hack S13 in the middle, and the limited run, three-quarter-million-dollar V10 Lexus LF-A supercar in the background.

DSC_0002Even most of the stock looking cars packed a surprising punch…

DSC_0004This super clean first generation Mazda 323 sported a subtle 13B rotary conversion!

DSC_0056Andy from Autosport brought along his new daily driver Evo 5, which looks super aggressive on its 10″ wide Rotas. With 240kw at the wheels, it’s plenty quick enough for the morning commute to work!

DSC_0039This RX8 stopped me in my tracks, and it took a little while to figure out that it’s almost standard. That little Tein sticker on the guard gives the game away, and it appears that this subtle yet stunning look has been achieved by simply lowering the car a little closer to the ground, and possibly adding some skirts and a lip.

DSC_0033This is one of the best stickers I’ve seen in a long time. Must work out where to get one from!

DSC_0126This one on the other hand… not so much. Genuine Engrish is funny, but fake Engrish doesn’t quite hit it for me.

DSC_0151While on the sticker front, this one made me laugh.

DSC_0020The humble Nissan Micra has never looked so good! It’s amazing what a simple drop over a set of Enkei RPF-01’s and a Bride drivers seat will do. What an awesome little commuter, I wonder if it’s packing anything special under the bonnet?

DSC_0032Triple Rotor for triple fun!

DSC_0047Speaking of rotor’s, Busby had his RX7 gravel car on display and it attracted a lot of interest throughout the day. I’ve had a ride in this car, and it’s a seriously nice bit of gear.

DSC_0074It wasn’t the only gravel car on display either – Josh Doyle had the Synergy Rallysport Evo 7 out. And with its small gravel wheels and jacked up ride height it looked so different to the rest of the slammed rides surrounding it. Excellent.

DSC_0044 DSC_0066Serious RB is serious. Even moreso when it’s stuffed into a 180SX.

DSC_0111 DSC_0113 DSC_0118This owner of this 240Z chose a really unique style for the car which really made it stand out, not an easy thing to do at All Japan Day. I really like how the vintage race and rally influences have been mixed with a stance style that is nothing short of thoroughly modern. Whether you like it or not, it’s when people pursue bold projects and mix completely individual influences and styles into a single outcome that really cool stuff happens. Be it music, art or cars, this is where ground is usually broken.

DSC_0055It seems people at All Japan Day will worship anything from the land of the rising sun!

DSC_0079One of the more interesting cars was also one of the most ‘normal’ looking. This is a 1998 Mazda 800SP, and is the first of just 30 cars modified by Mazda Motorsport, the same crazy cats who pioneered the turbocharging of the MX5 and built several Bathurst 12 Hour winning RX7’s in the early 90’s. And yep, those oh-so-90’s Antera wheels came right from the factory!

DSC_0082 DSC_0086The supercharged 2.3 litre, twin intercooled Miller cycle engine is one of the most fascinating engines, and is still regarded as high tech, even by today’s standards.

“The Miller-cycle engine is unique in that it closes its intake valves much later than in a conventional Otto cycle engine – the inlet valves are kept open for the first 20 percent of the compression stroke. This approach reduces pumping losses when the mixture is being squeezed during the compression stroke. The supercharger is essential in this engine configuration because, without it, the mixture could reverse-flow back out of the inlet valves. The Miller-cycle engine employs one of the most efficient positive displacement superchargers on Earth – a Lysholm screw-type blower, which pumps in up to 14 psi of boost via twin-air-to-air intercoolers”. (


DSC_0130This is how Jap should be done. This rising sun was painted under the bonnet of a super clean Toyota Chaser which looked smooth and classy from the outside, yet paid homage to its drift roots in a subtle place. Nice.

DSC_0139 DSC_0138It’s not everyday you see full race slicks on a multicolour Toyota Hilux crew cab. Hmm… there must be something going on here…

DSC_0146… yea, it was just packing a Toyota 1UZ-FE quad cam 32 valve, 4.0 litre V8. No biggie.

DSC_0147And so was the Hilux next to it. Pfft, these things are common.

DSC_0182This DC2 Integra Type R was set up as a very serious track car, powered by a modified B18 Vtec. It’s almost criminal how quick these Honda’s are.


I really dug the retro-inspired gauge modifications on this NA MX5. It almost looks like something you’d find on a vintage Alfa Romeo Spider. Very cool and well chosen.

DSC_0134Sticker boss. All individual stickers, too. No cheat sheets here.

DSC_0042The attention to detail at All Japan Day is pretty cool. All of the car info sheets look like Japanese auction forms, fitting given most of the cars there are all grey imports and were bought at auction.

DSC_0170Tuning the Honda Zoomer/Ruckus scooter is becoming hugely popular in JDM circles, and there were five of them on display at All Japan Day. Some were rocking a distinctly American vibe like the orange one down the end with its Illest sticker…

DSC_0174… whilst some stuck true to the JDM roots, like this one featuring the iconic Bride seat trim.

DSC_0178It seems nothing can escape the JDM-ist, with seemingly anything fit for modification.

DSC_0177This sticker raises a good point, however the irony of it being stuck to a pocket bike wasn’t lost on me. It seems the owner might have disregarded currency in favor of females, hence the pocket bike.

DSC_0036The Huffy Slider is the hero of the penniless drift community. They are by far the cheapest way to go sideways, and this one has the coveted go-kart rear wheel conversion.

DSC_0119 DSC_0166Our time at All Japan Day was a short one owing to the oppressive heat which radiated back off the grass with extra added humidity for increased under-shirt moisture. It was downright uncomfortable, and we soon retreated to the Pier for a soothing ale. At least we tried.

DSC_0160 DSC_0154But not before checking out the LF-A, which was constantly surrounded by a crowd of people all day. What an incredible car, and what a noise.

Skip to 1:30 to hear the spine tingling sound the LFA makes. Thanks to the owner for actually giving it a little welly out the gate – he made the day of about 300 people. It’s a decidedly un-Japenese noise, a sound that almost out-Ferrari’s Ferrari.

DSC_0053Despite the heatwave All Japan Day was a great day out, and it’s a testament to the popularity of these cars that the show was so busy on such an uncomfortable day. With such variety on show the popularity is no surprise, and I highly recommend All Japan Day to anyone, even those who might usually attend the more traditional All <insert country> Day shows.

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  1. Robert April 2, 2013 Reply

    Hey Andrew,
    Great overview - Thank you! Missed this being at All Ford Day at Birdwood, but good to get a glimpse of some of the cars on display.
    Let me know if you do find where those Gorge stickers were from, I liked that too! Looks like it on something Nissan from the console.
    The LFA is something different, seen it out a few times and the owner enjoys giving it a little squirt here and there to the fist pumps of the crowd... After all, thats half the reason you have something like that anyway!!

    • Andrew Coles April 2, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Robert! The sticker was on an MX5, and I've heard a rumor that they're made by some club but this hasn't been confirmed yet. The guy with the LFA is a champ - I heard it one evening in traffic after work. I was stuck in traffic in peak hour on Greenhill road and heard this howl like I'd never heard before, and looked in the mirror to see the LFA rapidly disappearing down the road. I think if you're driving a car like that, it's your duty to gun it every now and then so everyone else can enjoy it too!

  2. Andrew Ridley April 3, 2013 Reply

    You missed the fact that the multicoloured lux was Manual!
    It's also my car.
    Viano sent me the link, cheers for the pics :)

  3. Toddanus April 4, 2013 Reply

    The mini bike owner:
    Theres no point of anything to do with the "pocket bike".
    Bike is now for sale, need more currency.
    kind regards
    currency hungry mini bike bogan.

  4. Ray Finkle April 9, 2013 Reply

    DC2 Integra Type R...need more images!
    One teasing shot is not enough. Cheers.

  5. Adam Cowie July 8, 2013 Reply

    Hi Andrew,
    Firstly, great site. I'm just going through it now and I'm very impressed. I just wanted to let you know bout the Gorge Road sticker on the red MX5. The stickers are only available to club members of Touge Alliance, and were made up by one of the members.

    • Andrew Coles July 9, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Adam! Yes someone from Touge message me shortly after, having said that I don't thing I'm quite man enough to earn one of the prized stickers.

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