The second Any Given Reason Burger Meet

DSC_0291As the alarm went off at about 6am on Sunday morning, I awoke to a really odd sound. A constant, almost comforting patter. What was it? Ah yes, rain. And lots of of it. In my early morning stupor I came to the conclusion that I should just go back to sleep, and it probably will stop by the time I need to get up. 7am and the alarm buzzed again, and for some damned reason it was still raining. At least I wouldn’t need to wash the car I concluded, and promptly fell back asleep. Wintery mornings do not welcome the early bird.

DSC_0075Rewind a couple of weeks. After receiving some feedback from the first Burger Meet held on a Friday evening at Fancy Burger in Blackwood, I decided to try something a little different for the second Burger Meet. The main suggestions were that the location was less than inspiring, and that people wanted to go for a bit of a drive as well. So with sunny late summer hills mornings in mind the decision was made to hold the second Burger Meet on a Sunday morning in Mylor, with the burgers served up from the picturesque Harvest Cafe.

DSC_0370Gourmet breakfast burgers? Check. Picture-perfect surroundings? Check. Twisty driving roads to arrive at the venue? Check. Constant rain and freezing cold temperatures? Check. Damn. With this in mind I didn’t really expect a huge turnout, and I couldn’t really blame people for not coming. It takes a strong passion for cars to get out of a nice warm bed on such an awful Sunday morning.

DSC_0025But then one by one, people started arriving in all sorts of interesting cars.

DSC_0076Stewart brought his Maloo ute, which I think looks the absolute business on those wheels. Stu drifts the Maloo and doesn’t usually run these wheels on the road, but for my money, that’s where it’s at.

DSC_0012This Bluebird was an early arrival and was conspicuous by its apparent stock condition, a blue battery triangle the only suggestion. Hmm, something must be up…

DSC_0026… and we were right. A very neatly fitted SR20DE looks almost factory, but would provide a significant improvement over stock performance.

DSC_0032The whole point of Burger Meet is that it’s a chance for a whole group of car nuts to hang out for a while, irrespective of what types of cars they drive. It’s all about mutual appreciation, and the variety was already beginning to show early on. Alfa’s old and new…

DSC_0010 DSC_0019… Lancer Evo’s, both in pampered road and modified track toy form…

DSC_0039… luxury sports BMW’s…

DSC_0067… and fast Ford’s of all generations.

DSC_0126The gravel rally crowd was represented by Stephen Mee in his fanatically prepared 323 Familia, which incidentally is for sale. I know a lot of the gravel guys were keen to come and bring their cars but next weekend is the first round of the state rally championship, and efforts were understandably being put into preparing their cars, rather than drinking coffee and looking at them!

DSC_0041Tarmac rally was represented by Jai Raymond in his 1979 Rover SD-1 Targa car. This thing hands down wins the award for best sounding car of the meet. Jai literally stopped everyone mid sentence when he fired the big V8 up to leave, causing a few people to even break out in applause.

DSC_0110DSC_0139Jai’s young son insisted on bringing his motorbike to the event, and even spent most of Saturday cleaning it specially!

DSC_0097One by one, the cars kept coming. At the busiest point we had over 60 cars filling the Mylor oval parking area.

DSC_0092The stance guys crawled into the entrance, and I felt a little tinge of guilt as they specifically requested a ‘low-life friendly’ venue. I tried and I figured that Mylor wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t perfect. Next time will be friendlier!

DSC_0213Anno’s E34 is one of the cleanest, best looking 5 series BMW’s around, and the amount of effort put into achieving this stance is huge.

DSC_0089This E36 M3 looked in near perfect condition.

DSC_0219One of my favorite cars of the event was Andrew’s E46 M3, riding on classic BBS LM rims. I want to extend a huge thanks to these guys for coming out, as I know how fanatically clean they keep their cars, and I’m sure driving them up into the hills on such a torrid day was not an easy decision to make.

DSC_0478The B7 Audi RS4 Avant is easily my favorite of Audi’s RS line. How can you go wrong with such an aggressive yet tasteful bodykit and a stratospherically high revving naturally aspirated V8 in a package that can be passed as a family car? Genius.

DSC_0024We were actually reasonably lucky with the weather in the end. Whilst it was freezing cold and drizzling for most of the morning in a way that only Mylor can, there was never really any solid rain. It still wasn’t particularly pleasant though, so it was only the hardened enthusiasts who stayed with the cars…

DSC_0365DSC_0374… with the more sane individuals choosing to venture across the road to Harvest Cafe, where it was warm and dry.

DSC_0380The breakfast burgers were incredible and proved popular, and nobody really cared much about the wait. The company was good, and as mentioned before, it was warm and dry inside!

DSC_0401Back outside in the rain, and Anno’s new Stanceworks sticker didn’t go unnoticed…

DSC_0599… so when Daniel decided to sticker bomb the famous 2Festi, it was the first to go on.

DSC_0601Seems legit.  DSC_0596Details.

DSC_0298And then it happened. A 997 GT3 RS turned up. My day was firmly made.

DSC_0258The term ‘dream car’ is often thrown about nonchalantly these days, but for me the 997 GT3 RS is it. You could race it, you could tarmac rally it, you could drive it to work every day, you could take it on a nice, relaxing drive to a Burger Meet. From what I understand they are one of the most involving and satisfying cars to drive, not to mention the speed, and you could put 100,000km on a GT3 RS and it would come back for more. One car to do it all. One car that does it all better than almost anything else. One car you could keep forever.

DSC_0271Just enough civility to pass for a road car.

DSC_0276Just enough hardcore equipment to pass for a race car. And all straight from the factory.

DSC_0260The vintage Mobilgas stickers were a nice tribute to the RS’s racing heritage, pioneered by cars like the 356 and the original RS.

DSC_0350We thought we were pretty tough simply standing in the rain looking at cars, but some of the Austin Healey drivers were actually driving roofless in this weather! It takes a strong commitment to even contemplate taking a Healey out in the rain, but I guess they had no other option.

DSC_0244Scott put in a simply huge effort to get both of his MkII Escort’s to Burger Meet, and this was the first time that they had both been running at the same time. The green coupe is set up as a track car and features a full cage, huge AP brakes and a 2.0 motor breathing through a throaty pair of Weber’s.

DSC_0634His blue sedan treads the road car path, however still packs some serious punch from its Nissan SR20DET turbo conversion. And the best part? It’s engineered and 100% road legal.

DSC_0420Daniel came out in his newly acquired E30 on BBS RS…

DSC_0432… a decent sticker tune its only mods so far.

DSC_0194Speaking of stickers.

DSC_0038Our Alfa Sprint was my wheels for the meet, on its first proper run since fitting a Quaife LSD. The wet and greasy roads provided ample opportunity to test it out, and I can honestly say that if you don’t have an LSD in your front wheel drive car…. do it. Do it now. It has completely transformed the car, and I arrived at the meet grinning like a Cheshire cat.

DSC_0333Race numbers from previous events are definitely welcome at Burger Meet!

DSC_0604My award for Car of the Meet goes to the simply stunning Citroen Traction Avant of Troy Ryan. This was by far the coolest car of Burger Meet. In fact, I’d go so far as to say this is one of the coolest cars, period.

DSC_0612The Traction Avant, literally French for front wheel drive, was one of the most advanced cars of its time. It was the first ever front wheel drive monocoque car, and it paved the way for almost every front drive car car since. It differs in that it has a transaxle gearbox that sits in front of the engine, just behind the bumper. And believe it or not, but the Traction Avant was launched in 1934. Just think what the rest of the automotive world was building in 1934. Nothing was as advanced as the little Citroen.

DSC_0535And I think this photo highlights exactly what we’re aiming for with the Burger Meets – a Citroen Traction Avant parked next to Andy’s flame spitting Evo 5. Two equally impressive cars which I both covet for entirely different reasons. Two vehicles from completely opposite ends of the automotive sphere, yet two vehicles that are actually more alike that one would think.

DSC_0200Both hero cars of their generation. Both offering something to the masses in an affordable, well designed and durable package. Both very cool for very different reasons.

DSC_0444So I’d like to finish with a huge thanks to each and every one of you who came out and made the second Burger Meet a success. Despite the weather we had over 60 cars, which completely blew my expectations. It’s great to have these ideas, but it’s even greater to have the support of you, the reader. So thanks for making Burger Meet a reality, and I look forward to seeing you all at the next one!

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

DSC_0577Did you come to Burger Meet? Or did you give it a miss? How was the new timeslot? Hit up the comment section with any feedback and your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve the concept for next time!

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  1. KEEN AS RACING April 23, 2013 Reply

    A good read mate wish I could have made the meet

    • Andrew Coles April 24, 2013 Reply

      Thanks mate, you had a pretty good excuse for not coming! "Uh, sorry Emma, I've gotta get up early to go hang out with some crusty car dudes..." . Good move not to come! And congrats again :)

  2. Robert April 23, 2013 Reply

    Hi Andrew,

    The weather, freeway being closed & late change in plans ended my chance of coming for a look, but yet another great review of the meeting, thank you!
    As you mentioned, great turnout and other than towards the end of the photo's, looks like the weather held off for most of the day!
    Good things come in three's - Look forward to the next one!

    • Andrew Coles April 24, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Robert, fingers crossed you can make the next one!

  3. Tynan Brice April 23, 2013 Reply

    Wish I could have been there would have been a good chance to get the car out of the garage. Looks like it was a great day!! Great Read looking forward to the Next One!!

    • Andrew Coles April 24, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Tynan! I look forward to meeting you at the next one, what do you drive?

  4. ahheadlock April 23, 2013 Reply

    I've only just discovered your blog - very cool, I had every intention of turning out for this meet - but flu happened and bed called. next one for sure :)

    • Andrew Coles April 24, 2013 Reply

      Thanks mate! Yea Sunday morning wouldn't have been exactly pleasant or enjoyable with the flu...

  5. Tom Gilbert April 23, 2013 Reply

    Great blog Andrew, sorry we couldn't make it. Will definately be at the nex one!

    • Andrew Coles April 24, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Tom, I'm looking forward to seeing this bus!

  6. Stewart Furze April 23, 2013 Reply

    Had a great morning. Will be at the next one for sure. Hills and breakfast are a great location/ combo. Perhaps a bigger cafe will be in order next time. They were under the pump to keep up with the amount of orders.

    • Andrew Coles April 24, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Stewart! Yea we'll need to look into something for the next one. These guys assured me they'd be fine with the numbers, but I guess they had a lot of other people too. It would have been pretty bad if the weather was good and everybody turned up. I'll have to look into it, but we might even have the numbers now to lure a food truck like Burger Theory or someone out. Thanks for coming!

      • Antony April 24, 2013 Reply

        Burger Theory sounds like a brilliant idea

  7. Jai Raymond April 23, 2013 Reply

    Being a Mylor local I couldn't miss it! Not even 12 hours of nightshift could stop me. Thanks everyone for a great morning. Lachie and I can't wait for the next one!

  8. Matt April 24, 2013 Reply

    Had a great time looking at the cars as usual. I broke my golden rule and drove my Telstar in the rain (first time in 7 years). Funnily enough I almost chickened out and brought my M3, but it required too much work for such a cold morning. Glad I brought the Telstar along in the end and I hope people enjoyed looking over it. Pity it was so cold and miserable though, I didn't get much of a chance to talk and properly look at the cars before I was so cold I decided to go home. Definitely keen to do this again, even in winter.

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