Coolum Beach – 1965 Mercedes-Benz 200 W110 ‘Fintail’

DSC_0009On holiday in Queensland recently, I found this Fintail outside the local supermarket. Riding low on a set of polished moon discs, it was looking super fresh.

DSC_0002In the mid sixties the Fintail sat in the middle of Mercedes’ lineup and featured a 1988cc four. Interestingly, the W110 was the first car to be extensively crash tested. Built from 1965-1968, just over 70,000 W110 200’s were constructed at Mercedes-Benz’s Sindelfingen plant.

DSC_0005This particular example has been lowered and ‘stanced’ by its young owners. I personally love the look, but what do our more traditional readers think? Should these old classics be left alone as they are, or is it a good thing that a whole new generation of enthusiasts are keeping them on the road and enjoying them?

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  1. Viano May 8, 2013 Reply

    As a bona fide "more traditional reader" I'm more than happy with the idea that old cars, whatever the brand/style/age/desirability are being loved again. The only question is one of "taste." Is this car "tastefully" modified? I reckon it is. It doesn't detract from the original design and yet gives it a fusion of modern/retro that is very appealing. I can even live with the "ding" in the back bumper !!!

  2. Tom Gilbert May 8, 2013 Reply

    Hi Andrew, good pics. I reckon the owners have personalised the old girl sympatheitc to the era. Additioanlly if they hadn't given it soe love it may well be sitting at a wreckers. Looks great!

  3. ahheadlock May 9, 2013 Reply

    I dont know if i'd really call that stanced. The wheels are pretty appropriate to the era of the car, and they are quite sunken and conservative in their fitment. The touch of lowering is good, it's not overdone at all.

  4. JP May 9, 2013 Reply

    Having owned two W114s, the W110s successor I truly appreciate these old mercs. Dropping it a couple of inches isn't a biggie as they have a huge amount of suspension travel standard and just makes them look fantastic. Don't know about the 'moon discs' though. The original wheel trims actually look similar but a lot nicer. Good on them for keeping it on the road, I have never seen one in SA.

  5. Grand Master September 1, 2013 Reply

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