Rémalard – Peugeot 204 Coupe

DSC_0489Occasionally we get the rare privilege of discovering a car we never knew existed, let alone seen in person. And so was the case with this little Peugeot 204 Coupe I spotted in a French country town the other day.

DSC_0490My initial reaction was that this must be some kind of rare vehicle, and seeing one in person unlikely. As it turns out the 204 Coupe is relatively plentiful – over 42,000 were made from 1966-70. How many of these are left though, is another question all together.

DSC_0492With a front mounted, front wheel drive 1130cc four cylinder, the 204 isn’t particularly fast and it isn’t particularly rare, so I guess that’s probably why I’ve never encountered one before. But nonetheless, I think it’s still a pretty little French coupe, and it was good to see this original condition car wearing its original license plates and still in daily use.

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  1. michael katsikitis July 3, 2013 Reply

    thats fly

  2. Tom Gilbert July 3, 2013 Reply

    Yeah, looks kind of cool.. In a 1970's French way.

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