Innsbruck, Austria – A custom Harley

DSC_0187True, this custom Harley isn’t a sports car. And as far as motorbikes go, it isn’t even that sporting.

DSC_0184But just look at it. At the end of the day, style is style and cool is cool. This Harley has both in spades.

DSC_0185The phrase ‘built not bought’ is easy applied to this bike, and you can see how every detail has been carefully considered for its aesthetic qualities. The yellow headlight with matte silver ring, the unpainted aluminum tank that flows into the frame, the shape and profile of the tires, the sprung saddle, the way the leather tool bag also carries the same line as the frame. And most importantly, the way that big V-Twin engine and belt drive dominates the bike. It’s all about that engine.

DSC_0179It looks very simple and basic, but in reality it’s extremely difficult to pull off a clean look like this. Just ask a certain Jonathan Ive about that…

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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