Jyväskylä, Finland – Volkswagen Golf MkIII

DSC_0741When you hear the spool of a turbo and the whoosh of a wastegate you don’t usually expect to turn around and see a MkIII Volkswagen Golf. The Scandinavian countries are well known for their crazily modified cars, so I guess it should have been no surprise.

DSC_0743And the fact that the local police seemed to turn a blind eye to the semi slicks, lowered ride height, bolt on fender flares, full roll cage, seats, harnesses and side exit exhaust is even better. I’ve got no idea what craziness resides under the bonnet, but it looks like a brilliant little streetable track toy.

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  1. curlys August 12, 2013 Reply

    It's time you came home Andrew. You need to back under the bonnet of your MX5, leaning over those sculptured guards, cleaning the windscreen and packing your gear in the boot. Please don't go American on us - none of our cars have 'fenders', but some have flared guards !!!

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