Vienna – Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

DSC_0916It takes a lot to steal the spotlight in a big European city, but this Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider did exactly that a few sunny days ago in Vienna. 458’s and 911’s passed by with barely a glance, but camera phone’s were whipped out en masse for this petite Italian beauty sitting innocently in the city center.

DSC_0913The Spider, based on the Giulietta Sprint Veloce coupe, was launched to great acclaim in 1955. Despite having only 1290cc, the Giulietta featured an all aluminium block and cylinder heads, which with its twin overhead camshafts produced 80hp in its initial form. That’s pretty special considering that 1955 was a time when you could still buy a car with side running boards. Light weight gave the Giulietta zesty performance, making it the perfect top down Mediterranean cruiser, if you could afford one.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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  1. kattrinna August 25, 2013 Reply

    really nice car & it deserves all the glances it could get.

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