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It was Friday practise of the Italian GP at Monza. I couldn’t be there in person, but I was streaming it online in nearby Torino before I commenced my journey to the historic circuit for Sunday’s race. The commentators laughably quipped that a severe thunderstorm was on the cards, so I made special note to pack my wet weather gear.

Anyone who watched the race will recall that it was bone dry and not particularly exciting, in fact said thunderstorm probably would have spiced things up quite a bit.

As it turns out, that very storm struck a little further north, passing through the town of Como where I was camping that night. I returned from the race counting my blessings that it was dry, only to discover that the campsite had flooded while I was gone. The watermark was over 4″ high on my tent and there was mud everywhere. My tent still held a small paddling pool’s worth of the muddy brown muck.

What I can tell you from that experience is that air mattresses float; laptop computers don’t. My trusty MacBook spent several hours submerged, with mud pouring out of the various orifices when removed from its sodden case.

I’ve spent the past week attempting to find a way to continue Any Given Reason while I travel, but without a way to download and edit photos, to write and then publish it all, it’s a little tricky. The option to publish via phone is there but the quality wouldn’t be the same, so unfortunately Any Given Reason is forced to take a little sabbatical until I return home at the end of October.

But luckily my camera is in fine shape so I will continue to collect material for future stories, and there’s some big plans to take AGR to the next level over the summer break, so essentially, watch this space.

The conversation is still happening on social media, and I’ll be posting regular snippets on Facebook (Any Given Reason) and on Instagram (@anygivenreason), so come on over and say hi!

Thanks for being a part of the journey so far, and I hope to continue it with you all in the near future.

Andrew Coles



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  1. Tom Gilbert September 18, 2013 Reply

    Andrew, your ability to publish so many quality blogs while on tour is nothing short of staggering. I don't know how you do it. Rest assured I and many others will be here, ready and waiting when you get back. Well done and such an amazing motoring Tour de Force. Let not some uncalled for precipitation hold you back!

  2. September 18, 2013 Reply

    Bad luck Andrew. Travelling around Europe can be fraught with danger. Poor old laptop. Hope to see you back in Oz next month. Regards, Jim Stratmann.

  3. David tomkins September 25, 2013 Reply

    Keep up the good work Andrew. I' m also travelling in Europe at the moment and fully understand the problems you're having with unpredictable weather.
    Looking forward to your latest blogs when you get back to Adelaide and dry out your equipment.

    How good was Goodwood Revival, Awesome!
    David Tomkins.

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