Eurofest 2013

DSC_0457It only feels like a year ago that we heard of and attended a new show called ‘Eurofest’, but in fact it was three. Organized primarily by the BMW Drivers Club of SA and held on the grounds of the National Motor Museum at Birdwood, Eurofest was run by a fresh, younger group of enthusiasts and promised to offer something a little different from the other shows out there.

DSC_0468Personally, I thought it was a top day out but if there was one criticism to be leveled, it’s that it was predominantly a BMW/Mercedes-Benz show. For some reason a lot of other European marque clubs didn’t get behind it, which I thought was a shame given the potential of the concept and the energetic crew making it happen.

DSC_0521But after attending the third Eurofest, I’m proud to say that this event is quickly coming of age and the turnout this year was simply brilliant. It was still a predominantly German based field, which is to be expected, but what impressed me the most was not the country of origin of the cars but the sheer number of styles and cultures that harmoniously clashed on the lawns of the mill.

DSC_0588The Stance movement is taking the world (well, the internet at least) by storm and the BMW marque is right at the epicenter of it all, so it was no surprise to see several high quality stanced cars in the BMW rows like Ano’s minty clean E34.

DSC_0564There were a few who split the difference equally in the form/function argument, such as Daniel’s E30 sitting on BBS RS…

DSC_0634… and there were some left just as their maker intended.

DSC_0495Highlighting the variety more than anything else were the only two air cooled Beetles on display, both of similar vintage. This yellow Beetle was like a sample mash-up, taking features from several different scenes and mixing them into one car. That ride height definitely references the Stance scene, the red/whitewall wheel combo, paint, interior and stickers were Hot Rod all the way, and the roof rack with luggage is straight from Cal-Look Vee-dub culture.

DSC_0494Parked right next to it was Simon’s all original, unrestored 1300 Deluxe. Simon purchased it about a year ago from the first owner, who bought it new with the aim of ‘making it last for forty years’. It’s been driven regularly that whole time, and just goes to show what condition a car can remain in if looked after properly.

DSC_0496Just look at that mint interior – and all original!

DSC_0698This sticker would possibly be a little bit cliche if it was recently added – but no, it’s been there since 1970.

DSC_0499Simon is a bit of a motorsport history buff and had some perfectly selected period magazines sitting on the passenger seat, along with a mint Mobil road map from the Beetle’s year of manufacture sitting in the door pocket.

DSC_0445The Renault Clio Williams has gone down in history as one of the all-time great hot hatches and they are an extreme rarity here in Australia. Primarily sold in the UK, they’re also a bit of a rarity over there too now due to their poor weather (rust), unaffordable insurance costs and the fact that people like to get a little over-exuberant behind the wheel and stuff them into hedges. This Williams looked to be in great condition, and was one of the real surprises of the show.

DSC_0746In fact, there was a nice and unintentional tribute to Formula One in the one row of cars, with the Williams Clio, Red Bull Racing Edition Megane RS and the stunning McLaren MP4-12C Spider shown in the second photo.

DSC_0641And of course, where would Formula One or even a car show be without a Ferrari or two?

DSC_0651Adelaide Ferrari, the new Ferrari outlet belonging to the Adelaide Motors BMW/Mini/Rolls Royce juggernaut, were very kind in supporting the event by bringing two examples of the prancing horse – a California and this 355 Spider…

DSC_0655… which was a proper manual and still had the delivery plastic over the carpets.

DSC_0650Never before has a carmarker made the term ‘5 valves’ sound so sexy…

DSC_0660… or paid so much attention to the aesthetic qualities of the gearbox casing.

DSC_0732There was another pair of Italian steeds that had ventured to the Mill from completely opposite ends of the financial spectrum but both built and owned for the same reasons – Jamie’s recently purchased Alfa GTV and a Gallardo Superleggera looking sinister in its subtle/not subtle shade of grey.

DSC_0711I’m a sucker for the dash styling of 50/60’s Mercedes-Benz and none displays it more prominently than the 230SL. Timeless.

DSC_0712And quality too – how’s the solid wood windscreen air vent and trimmings!

DSC_0487What would a European car show be without at least a couple of Porsche’s?

DSC_0669There were two in particular that stood out, and one of them was this 928. It looks like just a regular 928 in good condition, no big deal…

DSC_0665… except for the nice little Vortech supercharger hanging off the V8, making this 928 one seriously powerful and torquey machine and a complete sleeper.

DSC_0667And it has a button on the console that simply says ‘V8’! I’ve no idea what it does but I bet it’s something awesome.

DSC_0672For me, the car of the show and an unexpected surprise was this old hot rod 911. It’s damn close to how I’d build one and looked purposeful just sitting there.

DSC_0676This 911 is definitely channeling Magnus Walker in its build, especially with that number plate. I don’t believe there was ever a factory 911 STR, rather it’s a designation Magnus gives to his ‘R’ (modified) 911 ST’s. But nonetheless, a super cool, passive aggressive build.

DSC_0611There was an energy about Eurofest this year that makes me convinced this show will grow from strength to strength – all it needs is the other European marque clubs to really throw their support behind it.

DSC_0582A lot of shows have the tendency to get a little bit stodgy, but not Eurofest. There was a huge turnout from the BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche clubs, so just imagine how cool it would be if there were equal amounts of Fiat’s, Alfa’s, Ferrari’s, Peugeot’s, Citroen’s, MG’s, Lotus’, Saab’s, Mini’s and air cooled VW’s. All you’ve gotta do is turn up…

DSC_0505Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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  1. Felix November 21, 2013 Reply mention of the Opel club, disappointing really.
    I would have thought they'd be lined up for an exclusive shoot

    • chris_r November 21, 2013 Reply

      Yeah, considering how many of us from Opelaus were there. About 10-11 in total, plus a couple non-members. Opel as a brand may be gone from our shores, but the fans haven't left.

      • Andrew Coles November 27, 2013 Reply

        You're right, there was a very good showing of Opel's out! Unfortunately it's just not possible to cover or go into detail about everything. At a show like Eurofest just about everything is worthy of a closer look, so I typically judge by choosing the best photos I have. You guys had some cool cars out though, I love those OPC models etc. :)

    • Andrew Coles November 27, 2013 Reply

      Refer other reply...

  2. Glenn November 22, 2013 Reply

    It is good to see that not all automotive groups/clubs only accept American/Australian chrome bumper vehicles as true Australian vehicles with history.

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