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BurgerMeet3 627The concept of Burger Meet is simple – a car park meet to get as many readers of Any Given Reason and their cars in the same place as possible. The emphasis is on diversity and informality, and the vague idea of standing around a car park eating burgers is about as far as the planning goes.

BurgerMeet3 525On the evening of Saturday 28th December, the readers of Any Given Reason descended on the Hagen Arms Hotel at Echunga in the Adelaide Hills to watch the sun set with burgers, beers, and of course, cars. And what a spectacular array of cars it was – but more on that later.

BurgerMeet3 518The thing that makes organising Burger Meet such an exciting, rewarding and completely terrifying experience is that I have absolutely no idea who actually reads and follows this blog. I get traffic statistics but they’re just abstract numbers and graphs, so when I put the word out that Burger Meet 3 was happening I had exactly zero idea who and how many people would actually come. I guessed about 80 cars and thought it would be pretty cool if we could fill the car park, but when streams of cars started pouring in and it wasn’t even the 6pm start-time yet, I started to get a little nervous/overjoyed.

BurgerMeet3 615So this is the part where I extend a gigantic thanks to everyone who came and made Burger Meet 3 a success. The car park that I hoped we could fill was full by 6pm, and anyone who arrived after that had to find parking in the surrounding streets. There were people coming and going during the meet, but at one point I counted just over 160 cars! That far exceeded even my wildest dreams, and whilst it was a little tricky to work with I think it was pretty cool that we managed to take over the whole end of a small country town.

BurgerMeet3 549BurgerMeet3_Luke 513I’ve got no idea how many people came but it was certainly well over 200. The pub actually ran out of burgers and despite doing mad dashes into Mount Barker to grab whatever they could lay their hands on, demand still far exceeded supply. Towards the end there were some pretty long waits but I guess the trade off was a huge range of diverse and high quality cars which in my opinion more than made up for it. Better to have a rocking car meet and slow burgers than fast food and nothing to look at!

BurgerMeet3 502The ethos of Burger Meet is that it is for all interesting vehicles, no matter what they are; it’s about mutual appreciation. I thought we had a pretty diverse range at the first two, but Burger Meet 3 showcased probably the widest spectrum of machinery I’ve seen in a long time.

BurgerMeet3 513A camo Land Rover Defender next to a Toyota 86?

BurgerMeet3 626A Rolls-Royce and a Hachi-Rokku?

BurgerMeet3 575A ’34 Ford Roadster, a Supra, an Evo 5 gravel rally car, a Beetle and a sports bike all in the one frame? That’s what we came for!

BurgerMeet3_Luke 519For Burger Meet 3 I had some little stickers made up, expertly designed by friend of Any Given Reason Luke Jaksa. We distributed them to all of the cars we could, but we ended up running out so I’m sorry if you didn’t get one.

BurgerMeet3 578I’m told people who have them on their car have already received questions about what exactly Burger Meet is, so fingers crossed these little messengers spread the word!

BurgerMeet3 536Not only was the car park located across the road from the Hagen Arms Hotel, but it was also adjacent to Pitstop Service Centre, the workshop where Kerry Sarandis prepares English Ford racing engines and carries out other service and restoration work. Kerry rolled out his immaculately modified Lotus Cortina and son Andy pushed out his daily driver Evo 5 and Improved Production AE86 Sprinter, fresh from its rally adventures at Targa Adelaide and Targa High Country.

BurgerMeet3 675Since it was right there in the workshop as well, Daniel Nichols drove out his Evo 5, fresh from its outright victory in the recent Kuitpo Forest Rallysprint.

BurgerMeet3 528Belcar were fantastic supporters of Burger Meet 3, and brought up both a new Abarth 500C EsseEsse and an elegant silver 360 Modena.

BurgerMeet3 514As good as it was to see the 360, I dare say Gordon and Lance had a lot more fun driving it up through the hills than we did looking at it!

BurgerMeet3 530This R35 GTR highlighted a diametrically opposed way of achieving the same performance goal a decade later, and would have required a great deal of self restraint on the police-saturated holiday roads.

BurgerMeet3 534Stepping back in time was the thundering V8 in Alister Gosse’s XY Falcon tarmac rally car. This thing has to be heard to be believed, and the noise alone stopped most people in their tracks as it arrived.

BurgerMeet3 624Another exciting arrival was this Sunbeam Tiger, a car almost identical to the famous Shelby Cobra in essence. After his success with the Cobra, Carroll Shelby went looking to do it again and this time stuffed the venerable Ford V8 into the Sunbeam Alpine. With the Tiger, Shelby didn’t produce the cars himself however he oversaw the project and was paid a royalty for each vehicle – just over 7,000 were built in the end. This example was a rare and unexpected treat at Burger Meet 3.

BurgerMeet3 557This silky smooth RX7 rolled all the way over from Melbourne for the Stance Works Christmas party and made the trip up to Echunga for Burger Meet 3.

BurgerMeet3 586The Stance movement is yet another way of modifying cars and whilst the somewhat lack of functionality isn’t to everyone’s taste, you can’t deny that it just looks so good.

BurgerMeet3 680Bruce & Julia Field don’t get out very often in their old Rolls Royce, in fact I didn’t even know they had the car, but they made the smooth and elegant trip for Burger Meet and parked it right in front of the pub like every good Rolls Royce driver should do.

BurgerMeet3 681And at the end of the evening Bruce swiftly chauffeured Julia home, complete with chauffeurs hat.

BurgerMeet3 654This early 911 was easily one of the most popular cars of the meet, not just because of its subtle performance upgrades but because it is the owner’s daily driver, complete with child seat in the back.

BurgerMeet3 605Not only was it exhibiting an exquisite collection of vintage motorsport stickers (Porsche wins the Monte Carlo Rally, anyone?), but this brilliant old Nurburgring badge was affixed to the rear engine cover.

BurgerMeet3 606The owner was a little bemused, I think, when he returned to his car to find Jorden, Felix, Luke and myself so excited about the badge. Small things.

BurgerMeet3 562In a complete first for any of the Burger Meet’s, we even had lowrider representation! This old Cadillac is worlds apart from anything I’m usually into, but in this setting it was the coolest thing. What a perfect machine to cruise around on a hot summers night.

BurgerMeet3_Luke 518This ‘bagged Accord was following the Cadillac, and it turns out that it’s actually a hopper! He slowly rolled past the hotel with the back fully aired out, and then right as he got to the main group of people he bounced and hopped the back of the car right up and then slammed it down again. It was completely unexpected and caught everyone by surprise – the crowd was silent for a moment, at which point everyone clapped and laughed. It was one of the highlights of the meet.

BurgerMeet3 667There was a big showing of Mini’s, including a pair of Moke’s…

BurgerMeet3 630… and the gravel prepared Cooper S of Jeremy Browne, a car he has owned and competed in since new both here and in Europe.

BurgerMeet3 508The Mini collection was bookended with a pair of new generation Cooper S’, this super clean example sitting low on a set of fifteen52 Tarmac’s.

BurgerMeet3 541There was a fantastic showing of cars from the Porsche Club of SA, including this Mk1 996 GT3. Thanks for coming guys!

BurgerMeet3 543You can’t beat a roll cage/Recaro combo on a Saturday night.

BurgerMeet3 616The 156 GTA is one of my all-time favorite Alfa’s. It’s not a perfect car, but it is fitted with the final iteration of the famous Alfa Romeo V6 and in my opinion looks purposefully aggressive without resorting to boy racer-ness. They were hugely expensive when new so they never sold many which makes them somewhat of an underground rarity these days, and it was a pleasure to see one at Burger Meet.

BurgerMeet3 566The sheer number of cool cars far exceeded any expectations. This was arguably the cleanest and most nicely detailed 1600 I can remember seeing.

BurgerMeet3 570Robert from Adelaide Motors brought the just released BMW 4 Series Coupe…

BurgerMeet3 603… which nicely complemented the collection of older models, largely made up of super clean E30’s.

BurgerMeet3 666In fact such was the quality of cars that it would be possible to go on for hours about each car in great detail and I was so busy on the night that I probably even missed seeing and photographing some cars. Apologies if I’ve missed your car here – it certainly is not intentional.

BurgerMeet3_Luke 514So the view now moves to the next Burger Meet, which probably won’t be until next summer. With the fantastic support of the reader base we’ve certainly got the size now to confidently plan bigger and better things for the next one, so stay tuned.

BurgerMeet3 674Thanks to Luke Jaksa for helping with the planning and designing the stickers, and to Chantelle Franklin for diligently handing them out. But most importantly, thanks to everyone who came because without you guys, we wouldn’t have a Burger Meet at all.

BurgerMeet3 645See you at the next one!

Words and photos by Andrew Coles –

Photos 6, 8 , 11, 28 & 39 by Luke Jaksa.

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    Why is it that I just seem to get the advice AFTER each event, and not before it ?

    Not much use getting it after the event ......

    * Chris *

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  2. AwesomePhotography January 1, 2014 Reply

    Looks awesome again! Will be at the nest one for sure with the 2002!

  3. Robert January 1, 2014 Reply

    Hey Andrew,

    Yet another great write up of yet another great event!
    Was fantastic to be apart of and look forward to the next one!

    All the best in 2014!!

  4. Felix January 2, 2014 Reply

    Excellent gathering as usual, fresh group of cars! I think every genre or style of vehicle was represented,
    Disappointing though that the OPEL/Vauxhall club didn't get wind of it, they could have brought a little diversity to the gathering.

  5. panduari21 January 14, 2014 Reply

    The concept of Burger Meet is simple – a car park meet to get as many readers of Any Given Reason and their cars in the same place as possible. The emphasis is on diversity and informality, and the vague idea of standing around a car park eating burgers is about as far as the planning goes.

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