Strathalbyn – an Easter trio of E-Types

AGR_Strath_Etypes (8)In 1961 Enzo Ferrari famously labelled the Jaguar E-Type as the most beautiful car he’d ever seen, and whilst I think his off-cuff comment may have been taken out of context over the following decades, il Commendatore certainly had a point. In 1961 this flowing shape was every bit as revolutionary and jaw-dropping as the LaFerrari or Porsche 918 is today.

AGR_Strath_EtypesThe E-Type wasn’t just a one trick pony, as the 3.8 six had the firepower to back up those profound lines and sent it to a verified 246 km/h (just how fettled those early test cars were is a matter for debate, but any E-Type was very fast). Put it into perspective with other cars launched in 1960-62: Bristol 407 (201km/h), Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint (200km/h), Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato (246km/h), Ferrari 250 GT Lusso (240km/h), Jensen CV8 (219km/h) and Maserati Sebring (220km/h). The E-Type cost significantly less than all of these cars, which rustled more than a few feathers. Imagine today if the Porsche 911 Turbo was faster than the LaFerrari. It’s still not exactly cheap, but is striking value in comparison.

AGR_Strath_Etypes (5)The four day Easter holiday in Australia is the perfect time to own a classic car such as an E-Type. Unlike at Christmas time, any Easter family and religious duties can usually be dispensed within a day or two allowing a good bit of time to get out and put some miles on the clock. I was passing through Strathalbyn when I noticed these three immaculate E-Types parked up in High Street.

AGR_Strath_Etypes (6)The pair of Fixed Head Coupe’s were in beautiful factory condition, sporting the famous knock-off wire wheels and plexiglass headlamp covers.

AGR_Strath_Etypes (4)The car that stole my attention the most was this period race inspired roadster wearing a rare factory hard top. I’d argue that a set of Dunlop knock-off race wheels as fitted to the D-Type’s and Lightweight E-Type’s would really set this example off, but these minilights still did a fine job.

AGR_Strath_Etypes (9)The wider wheels just fill out those voluminous arches a little more purposefully than the stock wires do – but I’m sure it’s purely a matter of taste.

AGR_Strath_Etypes (1)The roadster also wore a period Jaguar race team badge on the front.

AGR_Strath_Etypes (3)Three E-Types on a quiet Sunday morning. Perfect.

AGR_Strath_Etypes (2)Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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  1. Geoff April 6, 2015 Reply

    I might have to buy you a tweed cap Andrew!!

    All crap aside, many classics from that period are stunning, although their perceived short comings are the things that attract old farts like me to ''seat of the pants'' recreational motoring.

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