Aldinga Aerodrome – a well used 911

Aerodrome_911 (15)It was a wet, cold and blustery Sunday morning at Aldinga Aerodrome a few weeks back, and whilst the dicey weather kept the usually busy runway empty of visiting aeroplanes, there was something arguably more interesting parked up in the car park. With the skyrocketing value of early Porsche 911’s, well, all 911’s by now, it’s rare to see one that isn’t either a fully developed competition car or that’s been restored to within an inch of its life.

Aerodrome_911 (1)This brush painted 911T raises far more questions than it answers. Is it a neglected daily driver, and has it been like this since way back when these cars weren’t worth huge dollars? It is about to go under the knife to become a race car, or will it soon receive a full restoration? Is it some kind of intentionally deceiving resto-mod that is mechanically perfect under the skin?

Aerodrome_911 (16)The fact that it was found parked at an aerodrome would tend to indicate that the owner does have some kind of mechanical bent, and those Fuchs wheels do look in remarkably good condition. But other than those small clues it is a complete mystery, and a car that I have not seen before.

Aerodrome_911 (3)Aerodrome_911 (2)Aerodrome_911Aerodrome_911 (17)Whatever the story behind this old 911 might be, it is certainly one of the most correct cars one could hope to drive to have a look at some biplanes on a cold Sunday morning.

And speaking of, whilst I didn’t arrive by Porsche it was still good fun to have a quick look around the hangars of Adelaide Biplanes, coffee in hand.

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Words and photos by Andrew Coles

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